Council Approves Hiring Of 2nd Full-Time Event Center Employee

Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon City Council has voted to add a second full-time employee to the Crossroads Pavilion staff.  The Council met in special session Wednesday morning, immediately after a workshop with members of the Crossroads Pavilion Board, and approved the hiring of the second full-time employee, with Council Member Brad Hindt casting the lone “no” vote.

It was disclosed during the early Wednesday workshop that the facility has been more successful than anyone had projected.  The only full time staff member, General Manager Brittany Behrendsen, is currently working sixty to seventy hours a week because of the popularity of the event center.    The City Budget projected a loss the first year of $150-thousand, but based on current activity the loss is now projected to be about $4-thousand. 

It was reported that between now and Thanksgiving, 35 weddings have been booked at the facility.  In addition, more and more events are using the Pavilion during the weekdays.  It was thought that the second full time-employee will be helpful in filling in for the weekdays as well as weekend events.

School Board Approves FY2018-19 Budget

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