Weather Related Announcements

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Thursday, July 31st




The City of Sheldon Tree Dump site is open for anyone who wishes to dispose of tree branches. We would ask that if you enter the site, please use the designated road and use caution with various wet and muddy areas on the site. The site of course will continue to remain open as long as there are no additional heavy rainfalls.

For the latest weather forecast for our area click here.


Flooding announcements:

The City of Rock Valley is asking residents of Rock Valley that were affected by the flood to go to their facebook page, to fill out an initial flood damage form.   Click here for the form.

• Tetanus-People are at risk for tetanus infection when they are injured and have wounds that are contaminated by the environment. Flooding is not shown to increase the risk for tetanus disease. However, cleaning up after a flood may increase your risk of getting a wound. Adults should receive a booster dose of tetanus, diphtheria-containing vaccine every 10 years. Children need a basic series of four dose of vaccine between 2 and 18 months of age, as well as booster doses at 4 to 6 years and 11 to 12 years of age.
• Hepatitis A/Hepatitis B- are recommended for some people based on behavioral, occupational, medical and other risk factors Hepatitis risk is NOT increased due to exposure to flood waters.
• Please contact your healthcare provider to discuss your need for vaccination.

The Iowa State University Extension Service has released a list of resources for flooding victims.  Click here.

With the recent heavy rains and numerous road closures, the Iowa State Patrol would like to remind motorists to pay extra attention to their route of travel. ‘Road Closed’ signs have been placed in locations for good reason, and need to be obeyed.

For Lyon County flood help and information click here.

Lyon County Flood Recovery Update

Debris Removal: Individuals and homeowners who need pickup of flood debris are to call the City Office at 472-2553. The City will then make the necessary arrangements for pickup and disposal.

Volunteer Assistance: Especially needed are skilled volunteers. To volunteer, or to request assistance, contact the Volunteer Coordinator, located at the Chamber of Commerce, 411 First Avenue (next door to Subway), or call 472-3456.

Bottled Water: Available at the following locations: City Offices, 310 South 3rd Avenue; Campbell Supply, 1104 First Avenue; Lyon-Sioux Rural Water, 1107 First Avenue.

Rental Housing: Contact local realtors: Sieperda-Foltz at 472-3724; Frontier Bank at 472-3551.

Cleaning Kits and Household Items: Atlas of Lyon County is coordinating the receipt and distribution of cleaning kits and various types of non-perishable items, such as clothing and personal care supplies. These items can be picked up at Central Lyon Vo-Ag shop, located at the corner of Greene Street and South 10th Ave. Contact Lisa Vande Stouwe at 712-470-3826.

Sandbags: If contaminated from flood waters, sandbags may be placed on street, separate from other flood debris, for collection by City crews. For sandbags that have not been contaminated, the sand may be emptied at the sand pile across the street from the City Offices and the empty sandbags disposed of in the dumpster.

Trees and Branches: No trees or branches will be accepted at the flood debris disposal site. The tree dump at the Fairgrounds has been re-opened for disposal of tree waste.

Disaster Relief Fund: Tax-deductible financial contributions are being accepted at all banks in Lyon County. Make payable to “JFA Lyon County Disaster Relief Fund”. To donate online go to: The Purpose of this program is to provide short-term financial assistance. To apply for assistance from this fund contact the Chamber of Chamber of Commerce, 411 First Avenue, phone 472-3456.

State Financial Assistance: The Individual Assistance Program provides grants of up to $5,000 per household. Income qualification requirements apply. Applicants have 45 days from date of proclamation, or until August 11th, to submit a claim. For more information, to for assistance with the application, contact Lisa Vande Stouwe at 712-470-3826.

Other Financial Assistance Programs: More information to be provided as it comes available. Check City website,, for updates.

For more information: Contact City Office at 712-472-2553.

Rock Rapids showers available at the pool and West Side Park.

Rock Rapids officials are asking that when placing damaged property out that it be placed on the north or west sides of the streets. So if you live on an avenue running east and west please pile it on the north side of the road. If you live on a street (running north and south) put it on the west side of the street. All debris needs to be on the street not the boulevard, and you are asked to keep it out away from the curb for drainage and ease of pickup.

Rock Rapids officials also ask that if you have damage, take pictures and document everything.  Plus keep track of volunteer hours.  This helps FEMA and the City.

Bottled drinking water is available at the Rock Rapids Utilities Office.

Rock Rapids volunteer efforts are being coordinated at the City Office.  Call 472 2553. All volunteers need to check in at city office for coordination and direction. People needing help also need to call the City office to be put on the help list.

Drop off location for donated items for Rock Rapids flood victims is the Central Lyon vocational ag shop (NE corner of HS). Accepting furniture, bedding, clothing, household items, personal hygiene items, etc. Most food items can be dropped off at ATLAS.