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Agenda For Upcoming Meeting Of Lyon County Board Of Supervisors And Minutes From Previous Meeting


Date Meeting Agenda
1/27/2014 January 27, 2014 9:00 A.M. Roll Call of Districts Approve Board Minutes from January 20, 2013 9:15 A.M. Conservation Budget Work 10:00 A.M. Fair Association – Alvin Smidstra 10:30 A.M. Veteran’s Affairs 11:00 A.M. Mental Health Budget 11:59 A.M. Recess for Lunch 1:00 P.M. Reconvene County Economic Development Director – Steve Simons County Attorney – Shayne Mayer Secondary Roads and Operations – County Engineer, Laura Sievers Budget Work DVR / Panic button system Official County Newspaper Resolution 2014-04 Transfer Employee Fulltime hours / PT employee hours 3:00 Treasurer Budget work Board of Supervisors: Steve Michael, Dist. 1; Merle Koedam, Dist. 2; Mark Behrens, Dist. 3; Randy Bosch, Dist. 4; Kirk Peters, Dist. 5 Secretary to the Board / Lyon County Auditor – Jen Smit


Date Meeting Minutes
Chairman Randy Bosch convened the adjourned session with Peters, Bosch, Koedam and Michael present. Supervisor Behrens was absent. Motion carried assumes unanimous vote unless otherwise stated.

The minutes of the January 2, 2014 meeting were reviewed. Motion made by Koedam, seconded by Peters. Motion carried.

Dick Sievers with MidSioux joined the meeting to make their annual funding request of $7,500 for services they provide to Lyon County. MidSioux served 332 families in Lyon County in 2013. Sievers thanked Supervisor Koedam for his service on the MidSioux Board. The Supervisors thanked Mr. Sievers for coming.

Recorder’s quarterly report was reviewed and approved.

Treasurer, Richard Heidloff, joined the Board to review the investment policy. Heidloff stated that the policy needs to be reviewed every two years. Motion by Michael to approve and sign policy, second by Peters. Motion carried.

Heidloff also gave his Semi-Annual Report for funds through December 31, 2013. Different funds and balances were discussed. Motion by Peters, second by Koedam, to approve and sign Treasurer’s Semi-Annual Report. Motion carried.

Engineer Sievers was present to go over the Environmental Health Budget for FY14/15. The Board asked questions regarding the hiring for this position. Sievers stated that they have found someone and are working through the paperwork of getting a contract put together. The Board found the budget to be satisfactory as presented.

Sievers also discussed her contract as it expires on 1-23-2014. Sievers made a few changes to the current contract. She is looking at doing a 2 ½ year contract starting January 23, 2014 and continuing until June 30, 2016. The new contract requests a 2.5% increase in pay on January 23, 2014 and then another 2.5% increase as of July 1, 2015. The Board will review the changes and let Sievers know at the next meeting (Jan. 20).

The Engineer’s office received a request for a cycling road race in Lyon County by the Central Plains Cycling Club. The Board feels the suggested route has too many obstructed views and very narrow shoulders. The Board decided due to many reasons that they are not in favor of this race and to have Sievers let the club know.

Sievers has requested to go to the NACE conference in Baton Rouge, LA this year in April. The Board decided to grant Sievers permission to go.

Economic Development Director, Steve Simons presented his budget for FY14/15. The Board found the budget to be satisfactory as presented.

Auditor Smit let the Board know that the City of Inwood has requested to hold a special election on March 4, 2014 to fill a vacancy on their council.

The Board discussed the increase in premium to employee health insurance. Raising the premium should have been a gradual process over the years in order to have a background for union negotiations and to help offset cost. After much discussion, the Board decided to raise the non-union family health insurance employee premium 2% for FY 2014-2015. This will put the employee percentage at 11.21%. Motion by Peters to raise the premium 2%, second by Michael. Motion carried.

Auditor Smit informed the Board that Carrie Johnson’s pay will increase to 12.50/hr. as of 1-1-2014.

The Board needs to appoint Jeff Arends as Trustee for Grant Township. Motion by Peters, second by Michael to appoint Jeff Arends as trustee for Grant Township. Motion carried.

Chairman Bosch presented Resolution 2014-03 Master Matrix Construction Evaluation.


WHEREAS, Iowa Code section 459.304(3) sets out the procedure if a Board of Supervisors wishes to adopt a “construction evaluation resolution” relating to the construction of a confinement feeding operation structure; and

WHEREAS, only counties that have adopted a construction evaluation resolution can submit to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) an adopted recommendation to approve or disapprove a construction permit application regarding a proposed confinement feeding operation structure; and

WHEREAS, only counties that have adopted a construction evaluation resolution and submitted an adopted recommendation may contest the DNR’s decision regarding a specific application; and

WHEREAS, by adopting a construction evaluation resolution the Board of Supervisors agrees to evaluate every construction permit application for a proposed confinement feeding operation structure received by the Board of Supervisors between February 1, 2014 and January 31, 2015 and submit an adopted recommendation regarding that application to the DNR; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors must conduct an evaluation of every construction permit application using the master matrix created in Iowa Code section 459.305, but the Board’s recommendation to the DNR may be based on the final score on the master matrix or may be based on reasons other than the final score on the master matrix;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF LYON COUNTY that the Board of Supervisors hereby adopts this construction evaluation resolution pursuant to Iowa Code section 459.304(3).

Attest: ________________________________ _____________________________ Jen Smit, Auditor Randy Bosch, Chair of Supervisors

The Board needs to approve the Resolution if they wish to be a part of the Master Matrix process for new animal confinement. Motion by Peters, seconded by Koedam to approve and have Chairman sign Resolution 2014-03. Motion carried.

The Board made appointments to the following boards by a motion by Koedam, second by Michael. Motion carried.

Assessor’s Board of Review – Clarence Boer.
Zoning Board of Adjustment – Bernard Gisolf
Condemnation Commissioners:
Farmers Realtors Russell Pedersen, Rock Rapids David Sieperda, Rock Rapids
Jim Kennedy, Rock Rapids
Steve Johnson, Ellsworth, Mn Julie Vogel, Rock Rapids
Dennis Schrick, George Tim DeBruin, George
Arnold Van Veldhuizen, Larchwood Craig Bruggeman, Larchwood/Inwood
Marv Van Maanen, Doon Darrel Vande Vegte, Doon
Arie Bleik, Larchwood Sam Chase, Little Rock
City Property Bankers/People knowing the value of land
Leonard Hasselman, Rock Rapids Jim Cuttell, George
Marlene Bowers, Rock Rapids Mark Dominey, Larchwood
Henry Timmerman, George Eugene Metzger, Rock Rapids
Wes Koedam, Alvord Scott Postma, Doon
Donald Metzger, Lester George Schneidermann, Rock Rapids
Lyle Grotewold, Larchwood Sheila Klaassen, Little Rock
Eugene Eisma, Inwood Daniel Moen, Inwood
Jason Faber, Alvord Kathi Wilke, Lester

The Board recessed for lunch at 12:15 p.m.

Board reconvened at 1:00 for Budget work.

Sheriff Vander Stoep went over his budget for FY 14-15. Discussion involved expenditures for next fiscal year and some questions on the re-estimates for FY2013-2014 for some line items.

Auditor Smit presented her FY 14/15 budget to the Board as well.

Claims dated 1-13-2014 in the amount of $159,226.65 were reviewed and approved. Check sequence #107461-107575.

Henry M. Adkins & Son Inc. Ele 2014 election equip.lic./maint. 7780.00 Alliance Communications Attn: Jan 911 Recurring/phone service 431.69 Mark A. Behrens Oct/Nov/Dec Brd Mileage 578 Mi 289.00 Vicki Borman Dec Mileage – 846 Miles 438.00 Randy Bosch Nov/Dec Brd Mileage 200 mi 100.00 Campbell Supply parts/shop supplies 297.92 City of Alvord utilities 45.80 City of Doon utilities 33.00 City of Larchwood utilities 114.43 City of Little Rock transfer of juris Jul-Dec 8913.17 Companion Excess Risk Reinusur Jan Insurance 23568.00 Cooperative Energy Company 716.10G gasohol/4425G diesel/ 470G oil/tires/alignments 25871.22 Cooperative Gas & Oil Company 1390 gal diesel fuel 4956.40 Corner Rexall Drugs Health Services Supplies 21.15 Culligan Soft Water Serv. Jan/Feb Rent/salt LR&GE shop 75.02 Dakota Fluid Power Inc. push/pull cable #21/cylinder rep 701.66 Dave’s Bulk Service 1000 gal diesel fuel 3500.00 Melinda DeJong Dec Mileage – 240 Miles 120.00 Denny’s Sanitation Inc. Garbage Service 380.47 DJ’s Service 882 gal diesel/29 gal gasahol 3335.33 Dockendorf Equipment Co pump w/ meter,suctionstub 1226.82 Farmers Elevator Co 2.5 G 10W oil/fuel barrel filter 51.90 First Administrators, Inc. ACH Claims ending 12/31/13 1622.86 Jody Folkens Dec Mileage 95 Mi./phone reimb. 63.56 Frontier Jan 911 Recurring/GE shop 173.69 George Office Products Office Supplies 864.08 H & H Repair 6″ bolt #22/hose 19.49 H & S Homebuilding Center 2X10X14′ side board #13 20.30 Amy Hartter Dec Mileage 346 mi/phone reimb. 188.00 Char Huisman Dec Mileage 1,140 mi/phone reimb.585.00 Inwood Body Shop Tow – 6011 patrol car 100.00 ISAA c/o Wayne Schwickerath 2014 Annual Dues (2) 600.00 ISAC Group Unemployment Fund I 4th Q 2013 Unemployment 419.80 Jim Hawk Tr Trailers Inc. exhaust parts #21/strobe light 509.41 Keith’s Korner Dec Fuel – 155.4 G Gasahol 470.02 Merle Koedam Oct/Nov Brd Mileage 370 Mi 185.00 Jolene Korthals Dec Mileage 1,182 mi/phone reimb.606.00 Marilyn Lafrenz Dec Mileage 824 mi/phone reimb. 427.00 Larchwood Lumber Company tape, sealants 22.92 Larchwood Quick Stop 20 gal gasahol 60.00 Lyon & Sioux Rural Water water – Lester/Larchwood shop 60.25 Lyon Manor & Rehab Center Dec Inmate Meals 287@$4.5 1291.50 Lyon Rural Electric Coop security lite repair/utilites 857.20 Mainstay Systems Inc. Jan-March IOWA System 237.00 Debra M. McKeever, CSR,RPR McK 11/26/13 Deposition 61.50 Medical Excess Jan Transplant Insurance 1712.25 Steve Michael Oct/Nov/Dec Brd Mileage 650 Mi 325.00 MidAmerican Energy Alvord/Inwood utilities 974.22 Mills & Miller 76.11 tons salt 4490.49 MOCIC Membership 2014 Annual Membership Fee 150.00 Neopost USA Inc Stamp machine rental 53.85 New Century Press Thankyou ad/brd minutes/hearings 347.84 Northern Iowa Construction Pro 160′ – 48″ CMP 5540.00 Northwest Iowa Regional Housin FY 2014 Local Match 6665.00 Oak Street Station 121 G E10/tire rep/tire bal. 738.04 P & K Pest Control Inc Annual 2014 Pest Control 495.00 PCC, Inc. Physician’s Claim Co 12/1/13-1/2/14 Amb Billing 1881.36 Kirk J. Peters Oct/Nov/Dec Brd Mileage 366 Mi 183.00 Carolyn Plueger Schuetts Repor 12/9/13 Deposition 178.00 Popkes Car Care, Inc. Dec Fuel 87.7 G Dyed Diesel 319.44 Premier Communications 911 Recurring/phone/internet 2404.74 Prevent Child Abuse America 1st Half Affiliation 363.00 Public Safety Center Emergency Space Blankets 161.46 Nathan Rath Fill Well / Bentonite 117.00 Recorders Association ICRA Re-Certification Kruse 70.00 Reliable Office Supplies Office Supplies 202.96 Xochitl Robison Dec Contract Hrs /3.75 82.50 Rock Rapids Cashway Lumber 1/2″ threaded rod 3.60 Rock Rapids Machine & Welding flat/angle iron, tube 56.30 Sanford Clinic 8/30/13 Academy Physical/8-15-13 inmate medical 254.00 Steve Simons Dec Mileage 471 Mi/supplies 251.62 Stanard & Associates, Inc. POST Test Forms 201.00 Stewart Construction Inc. Remove/Install Doors HS 1700.44 Melissa Stillson Dec Mileage 468 Mi/phone reimb 249.00 Sturdevant’s Supplies/filters/hoist parts 116.47 Sunshine Foods Dec Inmate Meal/Supplies 538.47 SYSCO Lincoln 12/5/13 Inmate food 892.12 Todd’s True Value power steering fluid/supplies 40.23 Town & Country garbage service – LR shop 18.80 Trane Jan Generator Maint 313.25 TriTechForensics 10 Blood/Urine Kits 89.82 U.S. Cellular 12/22/13-1/21/14 Cell Phone 101.19 Ultramax Ammo 282.00 United Farmers Coop 116. G Gasahol/tire repair 398.26 United States Postal Service 12 rolls of stamps/500 1 cent 557.00 US Bank – Purchase Card Purcha 471.4G Gasahol/computer/lodging 3267.32 Van Diest Supply Company 40 gal pathway 1370.00 Chris VanderZee Dec Mileage 506 Mi/phone reimb. 268.00 Jody VandeWeerd Dec Mileage 299 Mi/phone reimb. 164.50 Verizon Business acct 4512330 2.94 Verizon Wireless 12/24-1/23/14 Patrol AirCard 400.10 Wellmark BlueCross BlueShield Dec Insurance Fees 25790.88 Woodbury County Sheriff Subpoena Service 23.43 Youth and Family Resource 12/1-12/18/13 Dec Juv Care 793.05 Ziegler Inc. 3 batteries/tube/valve 932.15

General Basic Fund 30,862.63
General Basic Sub Fund 1,700.44
Mental Health Fund 74.33
Rural Services Basic Fund 172.19
Economic Development Fund 6,916.62
Secondary Road Fund 64,974.84
Surcharge on E911 1,044.69
Emergency Management Services 18.00
Co. Assessor Agency Fund 768.92
Health Insurance Fund 52,693.99

There being no further business there was a motion by Michael, seconded by Peters to adjourn. Motion carried.

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