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Central Lyon Board Minutes

Central Lyon Board Minutes
October 13, 2014
The Central Lyon Board of Directors met for a regular session in the Board Room of the Central Lyon Community School at 7:00 P.M. with the following members present: President Steve Sieperda, Vice President Judy Gacke, and Directors David Jans, Chet DeJong and Scott Postma, Superintendent Dave Ackerman and Board Secretary Jackie Wells. Other individuals present were EL/MS Principal Dan Kruse, Assistant Principal Steve Harman, Jason Engleman, Stephanie Baker, Kristi Wright, Dana Korthals, Ivy Sieperda, and Alison Wright.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M.

Gacke moved to approve the agenda with additional bills presented and Jans seconded, carried 5-0.

DeJong moved to approve the minutes from the September 8, 2014 regular meeting and Jans seconded, carried 5-0.

DeJong moved to approve the financial report through 9/30/14; Postma seconded, carried 5-0.

Jans moved to approve the summary list of bills; Gacke seconded, carried 5-0.

In recognition, Margie Reitsma was thanked for her interactive story-telling at the Fall Title I Parent Night. Farmers Elevator Cooperative donated 8 books about farming/agriculture to the library. Retired Lt. Col. of US Army Chuck Borman, class of 1964, was thanked for the flag donation for the activities center. Larry Goebel was thanked for his donation of apples to the MS Marching Band fall competitions. A thank you to the district, administration, board, staff and students was read from Brian and Jessica Jensen for the support of their family during their daughter Lainee’s recent illness.

In reports, Principal Dan Kruse reported that the district CSIP/CPlan was approved and the After School Program will be starting soon.

Assistant Principal Steve Harman presented a quote from Fisher Tracks for track repairs including cleaning, priming and application of a black structural spray in the amount of $48,150 that will last approximately 7-10 years. If approved, application will begin in late spring. Mr. Harman also reported that baseline concussion testing takes place every 3 years then per incidence. Mr. Harman confirmed there is no bus for student athletes after ‘home’ meets/games, even for shared sports/activities.

Superintendent Ackerman reported that count day was October 1st with certification on the 15th; the district appears to be up 39 students, as well as open enrollment out decreasing and open enrollment in increasing. Mr. Ackerman reviewed the Teacher Leadership Compensation grant the district will apply for again this fall. The district received two grants earlier this fall; $10,000 from Monsanto and $35,000 from the Lyon County Riverboat Foundation. Central Lyon was one of many schools named to the No Child Left Behind “watch list” because all schools were required to be 100% proficient by 2014. Mr. Ackerman reviewed the Patron Satisfaction Survey with a mostly favorable response. The Department of Education Site Visit will take place November 18-20, 2014. Several committees consisting of board members, staff, students and community will be needed for this review.

In New Business, Gacke moved to approve the Ahler’s & Cooney PC engagement letter as bond counsel for the sales tax bond issue. Postma seconded, carried 5-0.

DeJong moved to approve three early graduation requests upon successful graduation requirements. Postma seconded, carried 5-0.

Jans moved to approve the 500 Policy Series revisions, waiving 2nd reading. Postma seconded, carried 5-0. Postma moved to approve policy 704.2R1, Post Issuance Compliance, waiving 2nd reading and Jans seconded, carried 5-0.

DeJong moved to approve Allowable Growth and Supplemental Aid for Special Education in the amount of $162,135.38 with the final amount determined by the Department of Education after all special education balances have been finalized. Jans seconded, carried 5-0.

Discussion took place on a proposed calendar change for Monday, November 10, 2014. The change was proposed because of state volleyball competition. Board members asked that decisions regarding calling off or no school for state events be reviewed for the future. DeJong moved to approve Monday, November 10, 2014 as a day of school with a 1:00 P.M. dismissal, followed by site visit preparation the remainder of the day. Postma seconded, carried 5-0.

In personnel, Jans moved to approve the resignation of Rochelle Ebel, 7th grade volleyball, pending suitable replacement and Gacke seconded, carried 5-0.

Jans moved to approve the hiring of Linnie Ditsworth, Cheryl Mans and Amanda DeBoer for the After School Program. DeJong seconded, carried 5-0.

Building Project Bid Letting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 15, 2014 in the Central Lyon board room at 2 P.M. A special meeting to approve the winning bid will be held at 5 P.M. in the Central Lyon board room on October 15, 2014. The next regular board meeting will be at 7:00 P.M. on Monday, November 10, 2014 in the Central Lyon board room.

DeJong moved to adjourn at 8:21 P.M. and Jans seconded, carried 5-0.

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