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City Of Paullina Council Minutes

City Council Meeting
City Hall – Paullina, Iowa
March 4, 2013
A regular meeting was called to order this date by Mayor Mike Otto. Roll call was
answered by Council Member Martin Weber, John Ihle, Charles Harper and Justin
Stamer; City Clerk Sandy Fritz and Superintendent of Utilities Kevin Tesch
Also present: Chief of Police Nathan Bremer, Lauri Struve, Nicole Bolkema and John
Leinbaugh. Absent: Council Member John Muller
The following proceedings were had, to-wit:
AGENDA Stamer moved and Weber seconded the motion to
approve the agenda for the March 4, 2013 regular
meeting. Motion carried by all ayes.
MINUTES Stamer moved and Ihle seconded the motion to
approve the minutes of the February 4th and 19th ,
2013 regular council meetings and the February
15th, 2013 special meeting. Motion carried by all
CLAIMS LIST Stamer moved and Weber seconded the motion to
approve the Claims List for the month of February
2013. Motion carried by all ayes.
A & M Laundry, supplies $110.34
Aflac $755.38
Avesis, vision ins. $56.71
Barama, latex gloves $9.83
Black Hills Energy, natural gas $1,244.15
Cenex, fuel $1,876.39
City of Paullina, payroll $19,995.52
City of Paullina, electric $5,900.41
City of Paullina, transfers $13,986.74
Continental Research, supplies $252.92
Dept of Energy, purchase current $19,530.53
DGR Engin, Survey fee B. Park $498.00
EFTPS, Federal withholdings $6,263.95
Foundation Analytical, sewer/water testing $710.00
Fritz, Sandy, USB drive $10.67
Glenn’s Copier, office supplies $5.98
Grinnell Mutual, ambulance call reimbursement $368.00
H & N Service , police car repair $258.35
Heiman Fire, fire dept – signs $615.45
Illnois Mutual, disability Ins. $21.64
Indoff, paper, cable police $240.87
IAMU, Energizer, CCR workshop and water dist. $218.34
IMFOA, dues $40.00
IPERS – Feb. $4,253.68
Iowa State Bank, Telecom bond payment $78,987.78
Jacks, 15′ spike system – police $392.00
John Deere, tool box, tools, chain saw repair, veh – repair $1,979.60
Matheson, oxygen, $19.54
MBMECA, wheeling fee $4,044.93
Mid American Energy, electric $649.98
Missouri River, purchase current, $21,682.72
NCC, CPR Cards and train – fire and amb. $95.00
Northwest Iowa Landfill, garbage fee $1,020.53
Northwest Iowa Planning and Dev., adm fee – Sewer $2,855.00
O’Brien County Ext., training – spraying $70.00
Orange City Area Health, paramedic assist, Super Train $148.00
O’Reily Auto Parts, brake repair 85 Ford dump $371.28
Paullina Building Center, wood for flatbed $24.89
Paullina Times, publications $419.02
Quest, Engin, hose for bucket truck $77.88
Sanborn Auto, transmission – old police car $650.00
Sioux Body Shop, towing $144.45
Skarshaug Testing, testing – gloves and equipment $273.18
TCA , phone & internet $545.51
Tesch, Kevin – meal snow removal $48.00
Triple R, fork – backhoe and repair $117.94
Tri Tech, ambulance billing $250.00
Town and Country, garbage collection $4,565.75
Treasurer State of Iowa,sales tax $3,781.32
Tri Tech, ambulance billing – Dec. $100.00
United, pop $87.02
US Post office, postage – bills $186.58
Verizon, cell phone plan – police $40.01
Visa Card, police banner $59.98
Weidamans, parts and supplies, postage $281.45
Wellmark, health ins $8,673.38
Western Iowa Tech, Fire school $525.00
Xerox, Copier lease $254.64
Total Claims $210,646.21

Expenses by fund – February 6, 2013
March 5, 2013
General Fund $70,583.84
Business Park Fund $498.00
Road Use Fund $4,711.08
Local Option Sales Tax $17,102.06
Water Fund $12,361.42
Sewer Fund $10,520.65
Electric Fund $73,039.39
Telecom Fund $78,987.78
1999 Special Assessment $0
Sewer Rehab Project $0
TOTAL $267,804.22
INQUIRIES FROM THE Discussion was had on staffing the ambulance
AUDIENCE for day call.
Revenue – February 2013
General Fund 62,749.95
Road Use Tax Fund 8,805.75
Employee Benefit Fund 2,760.12
Emergency Fund 10.93
Local Option Sales Tax Fund 9,106.74
Business Park 0
Debt Service Fund 5,464.05
Sewer Rehab Fund 0
Water Fund 14,590.55
Sewer Fund 23,457.46
Electric Fund 96,758.54
Telecom Fund 6,621.74
N. Mickley Sp Assess. 0
Total Receipts $230,325.83

MAYOR’S REPORT Mayor Otto discussed the option of hiring MRES
to staff our electric lineman positions.
FY 2013-2014 BUDGET The Mayor announced that this was the time and
HEARING place for the public hearing and meeting on the
matter of the proposed City of Paullina’s FY 2013-
2014 Budget.
The Mayor then asked the City Clerk whether any
written objections had been filed by any city
resident or property owner. The City Clerk Fritz
advised the Mayor and Council that no written
objections had been filed. The Mayor then called
for oral objections and none were made. Where
upon the Mayor declared the time for receiving oral
and written objections to be closed. Stamer moved
and Weber seconded the motion to close the public
hearing at 8:21 p.m. Motion carried by all ayes.
RESOLUTION TO Stamer introduced Resolution No.13-03 entitled
moved that the Resolution be adopted. Weber
seconded the motion. The roll was called and the
vote was as follows:
Ayes: Stamer, Ihle, Weber, Harper
Nays: None
Absent: Muller
The Mayor declared the measure duly adopted.
AUDITOR CONTRACT Stamer moved and Weber seconded the motion to
FY 2013-2015 accept the proposal for auditing services from
Williams and Company with the following fixed fee
schedule : 2013 – $12,000, 2014 – $12,600.
2015 – $13,300. Motion carried by all ayes.
TCA PROGRAM BOARD Harper moved and Stamer seconded the motion to
appoint John Ihle as the representative for the City
of Paullina to the TCA Programming Board. Motion
carried with Ihle abstaining.

PAULLINA LOGO Harper moved and Ihle seconded the motion to set
up the City of Paullina’s logo to be used to
embroider on the back of the city employee’s
jackets and above the pocket on their shirts at a cost
of $325 for jacket set up, $100 for shirt set up, and
embroidery fees of $30 per jacket and $15 per shirt
for a total cost of $950.00. Motion carried by all
BUILDING PERMITS Clay Evan’s building permit was deferred to the
March 18, 2013 council meeting with the council
requesting more accurate plans and measurements.
ELECTRIC LINE POSITION John Leinbaugh, electric lineman for the City of
Paullina, discussed with the council the possibility
of joining together with another city to replace the
open electric lineman position. Discussion was also
had on working weekends and interviewing
questions. Mayor Otto stated John could work out a
weekend schedule with Superintendent Tesch and
John would be welcome to ask questions at the
electric line person interviews.
VISIONING The Visioning Committee will meet on Thursday,
March 7, 2013 and finalize plans for the first step of
the downtown improvement project.
COPIER LEASE Bids were reviewed for a new copier. The council
would like to wait and take bids again in October of
2013 when the current lease if completed.
REPORTS City Clerk Fritz reported we are applying for
REDLG eligibility, handing out TCA boxes at city
hall and working on Nuisance Violations.
ADJOURNMENT The time being 9:10 p.m., Harper moved and
Stamer seconded the motion to adjourn. Motion
carried by all ayes.
Mike Otto, Mayor
Sandy Fritz, City Clerk

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