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City Of Sibley Council Agenda

City Of Sibley Council Agenda
Sibley, Iowa

Notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Sibley will meet in regular session on Monday, February 24, 2014 at 5:00 o’clock PM in the Council Chambers, City Hall.


1. Call to Order, Roll Call

2. Approve Agenda

3. Consent Agenda
– Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting
– Approve Bills and Bills Paid in Vacation
– Certificate of Appreciation
– Reappoint Recreation Board Member
– Reappoint Northwest Iowa Regional Housing Authority Board Member
– Approve Sibley Municipal Golf Course Class C Liquor License W/Outdoor Service and Sunday Sales

4. FY15 Budget

5. $800,000 Electric Revenue Capital Loan Notes, Series 2014
– Resolution Directing the Acceptance of a Proposal to Purchase $800,000 Electric Revenue Capital Loan Notes, Series 2014

6. Corporate Authorization Resolutions

7. Resolutions Certifying to the County Treasurer Cost of Unpaid Bills

8. Resolution Certifying the Amount of Revenue from the General Fund Raised for Law Enforcement Purposes for the Three Previous Years and Establishing the New Revenue Contribution of the City of Sibley to the 2014-2015 Osceola County Law Enforcement District Budget

9. Second Amendment to the Agreement between Midwestern Railroad Properties Inc. and the City of Sibley

10. Telephone and Internet Service Contracts

11. Urban Renewal Amendment Discussion

12. Garbage Rates

13. Council Concerns/Committee Updates

14. Administrators Report

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