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City Of Sibley Council Proceedings

City Of Sibley Council Proceedings


The City Council of the City of Sibley met in regular session at 5:00 o’clock PM on November 11, 2013. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Johnson. Council Members present were Nobles, Pedley, Groote, Buchholtz and Henningsen. Absent none. Also present at the meeting City Administrator Dan Janssen, City Clerk Kris Vipond.

Motion by Nobles seconded by Groote to approve the agenda with an addition to the consent agenda to amend the June 24, 2013 minutes and republish Ordinance No 643-13 for garbage fees with correct rates. All voted Aye. Nay none.

Motion by Buchholtz seconded by Henningsen to approve the consent agenda as follows: approve minutes from previous meeting, approve bills and bills paid in vacation, appoint Mayor Johnson as representative and City Administrator as alternate to the Northwest Iowa Area Solid Waste Agency and approve amended minutes and republish Ordinance No 643-13 for garbage fees with correct rates. All voted Aye. Nay none.


Previously Published 7/3/13 with Errors


A & D TEE TIME                PRO SHOP SALES                                     20.28
ADVANCED SYSTEMS          MAINT CONTRACT                                 253.20
ALLIANT    GAS                                  669.81
AMAZON                        BOOKS                                                886.87
BAKER & TAYLOR            BOOKS                                              3,909.97
BARCO MUNICIPAL  SIGN                                          68.84
BEACH HOUSE                   SANDWICHES                              90.00
BERRY JOHN                    CHRISTMAS TREE                                         20.00
BIERSCHBACH EQUIP PUMP/HOSE                                    603.53
BORDER STATES LUG/LIGHT/WIRE                                                3,250.69
CHEMCO INC                    LINERS/CLEANER                                 126.39
CITY OF WORTHINGTON           WORKSHOP                                               20.00
COMPASS POINT                 DONATION                                             500.00
CONSTRUCTION PROD       CONCRETE BIT                                         120.40
COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR     SPRAY                                      193.38
COOPERATIVE ENERGY    SERVICE VAN                                        2,149.66
CORBETT PLUMBING               SEWER REPAIR                               87.65
DATA TECH         SUPPORT FEE                                   3,121.20
DEKOTER THOLE    SEWER REQUEST                                      1,858.00
DEL‘S GARDEN           FALL CLEAN-UP                                         320.00
DEPT OF ENERGY          PURCHASE POWER                                   45,683.84
EBSCO SUBSCRIPTION  BOOKS                                              1,530.41
ECOLAB   PEST CONTROL                                          254.50
EFTPS                         FED/FICA TAX                                       9,259.81
FERGUSON WATERWORKS           METER                                   710.92
FISHER HENRY                 JANITOR                                      200.00
GRAPHIC EDGE                  JERSEYS                                              916.49
STACY GRUNOW                  5TH QTR                                            45.00
HD SUPPLY      VALVES/CAPS                                         6,983.97
SARA HIBMA                    5TH QTR                                            86.48
HICKORY TECH              PHONE SERV                                          43.38
HTC     CABLE TV                                     60.29
IA DEPT OF REVENUE      MISC DED                                             445.65
IA DEPT OF AGRICULTURE      CERTIFICATION                                  30.00
IMWCA                         PREMIUM                                             4,488.00
INTERSTATE BATTERY BATTERIES                                              97.00
IOWA INFORMATION          AD                                     60.00
IOWA ONE CALL                 LOCATE CALL                                             47.70
ISU         HANDBOOK                                    555.00
IPERS                         IPERS                                        17,160.59
JEDDELOH                 REPLACE RELAY                               246.83
JIM BLUM SURVEYING            RAILROAD SURVEY                                    6,130.00
JONES LIBRARY SALES       SHELVING                              4,178.75
KEITH MERRICK CO   SHIRTS                                       264.29
LEWIS FAMILY DRUG         SPORTS TAPE                                              6.38
LOUTSCH RACHEL               LUNCH                                       101.98
MATT LOWE                     5TH QTR                                            80.00
M & J LLC                     BAR/ROLL TOWELS                                        67.69
MATALONI CONNIE              GAS/MOTEL/MEAL                        521.96
MATHESON TRI-GAS          TANK LEASE                                    72.90
MATT PARROTT           MINUTE BOOK                                          377.23
NAPA               PLUG/MIRROR                                               1.75
NIENKERK CONST      PORTA POT                                            110.00
NO STREAKING    WINDOW CLEAN                                        74.00
NW READY MIX           CEMENT                               880.75
NW IA LANDFLL GATE FEES                                          3,310.71
O’LEARY AVIATION          PHONE                                                  35.00
OFFICE ELEMENTS               NOTE PADS/TAPE                                267.87
OSCEOLA COMM HOSPITAL    DRUG TEST                                 122.85
OSCEOLA CO GAZETTE AD                                     1,519.39
OSCEOLA ELECTRIC COOP  REIMB IDP LEGAL FEES                         4,485.50
PAPER DIRECT                  CARD STOCK                                             63.97
PEDLEY LARRY                  MEETING                                      64.98
PETTY CASH                    POSTAGE/CANDY                                              167.21
PORCH ON MAIN                 COUPONS                                      45.00
ROURKE PUBLISHING        BOOKS                                                251.40
S2 COMPUTER         ANTIVIRUS/COMPUTER                                   1,173.67
SCHNEPF LUMBER        PERGOLA/SIDING                                    1,528.80
SCHUMACHER ELEVATOR   SCHEDULED MAINT                                186.80
SHEEHAN MACK SUPPLIES                                           1,121.82
SIBLEY CHAMBER    FUNDING                                         833.33
SIBLEY HARDWARE                SUPPLIES                                      1,332.36
SIBLEY KIWANIS           DUES/MEALS                                    175.60
SIBLEY SHEET METAL            TEST SHEETS                              225.00
SIBLEY SUPER FOODS             COFFEE/GATORADE                              140.01
SKARSHAUG TESTING     CLEAN/TEST                                      24.93
SPINE & SPORT CHIRO    PHYSICAL                               25.00
STOREY KENWORTHY              RETURN/NOTES                                         187.43
UPS         SHIP SAMPLE                                            21.42
UNITY POINT CLINIC            TEST RESULTS                                    111.00
USA BLUE BOOK                 BACKFLOW PREVENTER                                   366.80
VAN BEEST JOHN                SEWER REPAIR                                         358.45
VAN-HOF TRUCKING          TIMEWELL-PLASTICS                            1,760.00
VANDER PLAATS DOUG            CLEAN SUPPLIES                                      32.00
WRIGHT EXPRESS           DIESEL                                             4,468.35
TOTAL ACCOUNTS PAYABLE                                                       144,567.76
PAYROLL CHECKS                NET PAY                   28,015.31
REPORT TOTAL                        172,583.07


MYFL Thank You Certificates                   150.00
IPERS IPERS              17,160.59
Petty Cash Postage/Balloons                   131.82
Star Leasing Copier Lease                   198.99
State Treasurer State W/H                4,660.00
IA DNR Discharge Permit                     85.00
Luis Santos Ref Dep                     45.64
City of Sibley Ref Dep                2,549.19
Trudy Schneiderman Ref Dep                   463.23
Amber DeVries Ref Dep                   100.34
Tom Ackerman Ref Dep


Nick Egdorf Ref Dep                   141.60
State Treasurer Sales Tax                     84.00
Keith Merrick Shirts                   236.00

FUND TOTAL – Employee Benefits $1,893.87, Rolling Hills $1,446.30, Feldkamp Estates $95.00, Electric Improvement $225.00, Rail Spur $9,303.39, General $40,636.14, Electric Utility $81,831.61, Water $15,832.49, Sewer $8,589.55, Garbage $15,543.29, Road Use Tax $6,236.43, Golf $6,085.55, Trust & Agency $3,575.00, Transit $2,038.43, Capital Reserve $5,531.43.

RECEIPTS SUMMARY – General $227,122.74, Road Use Tax $29,613.83, Employee Benefits $67,193.35, Emergency Fund $4,082.11, TIF $80,843.64, Revolving Loan $7,932.42, Debt Service $60,879.48, Capital Project $25,439.53, Feldkamp Estates $7,494.00, Water $67,315.13, Water Improvement $833.33, 2013 Water Sinking $4,676.00, Sewer $29,260.26, Sewer Relocation $1,737.00, Electric $310,002.39, Trust & Agency $2,125.00, Garbage $30,903.95, Golf $5,725.93, Transit $1,402.50, Health Insurance $64.22.

Public Hearing was held to hear comments regarding the proposed plans and specifications, form of contract and estimate of cost for the construction of 2013 Rail Spur Improvements. There being no comments the Mayor declared the Public Hearing closed. One proposal was received by the City Clerk for the construction work for the project from Track works LLC from Sleep Eye, MN. The engineer will need to review the proposal before action and bid acceptance. Bid acceptance will be contingent on closing on the property with Union Pacific scheduled for November 26, 2013 and City funding. Discussion was held regarding last minute changes made to bid request documents. These changes will be reviewed by the City Attorney and engineer for clarification of bid requirements. Motion by Pedley seconded by Nobles to table the bid acceptance until reviewed by City Attorney, Engineer and City Administrator. All voted Aye. Nay none.

Janet Dykstra and Carol Seivert gave a presentation to City Council about Bright Beginnings of Osceola County day care and requested that Council consider an annual contribution to assist the center. Council thanked them and asked that this be put on the November 25, 2013 agenda for discussion.

Councilperson Nobles introduced Resolution No 1251-13, Resolution Ordering Bids, Approving Plans, Specifications and Form of Contract and Notice to Bidders, Fixing Amount of Bid Security and Ordering Clerk to Publish Notice and Fixing a Date for Receiving Same and for a Public Hearing on Plans, Specifications, Form of Contract and Estimate of Costs and moved that the same be adopted. Councilperson Buchholtz seconded the motion to adopt. The roll was called and the vote was Aye 5. Nay 0. Public Hearing will be held in the Council Chambers at 5:00 o’clock P.M. on December 9, 2013.

Motion by Buchholtz seconded by Henningsen to approve submitting the 2013 financial report to the State Auditor. All voted Aye. Nay none.

Motion by Buchholtz seconded by Henningsen to accept City Administrator Dan Janssen’s notice of retirement letter to be effective February 28, 2014. Aye Buchholtz, Henningsen and Groote. Nay Nobles and Pedley.

Council concerns were given.

Motion by Pedley seconded by Nobles to adjourn at 5:52 P.M. All voted Aye. Nay none.

Jerry Johnson   Mayor

ATTEST:    Kristen L. Vipond   City Clerk               

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