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City Of Sibley Council Proceedings


MARCH 11, 2013
The City Council of the City of Sibley met in regular session at 5:00 o’clock PM on March 11, 2013. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Pro-Tem Nobles. Council Members present were Buchholtz, Groote, Nobles and Pedley. Absent Mayor Johnson and Henningsen. Also present at the meeting City Clerk Kris Vipond.
Motion by Groote seconded by Buchholtz to approve the agenda. All voted Aye. Nay none.
Motion by Buchholtz seconded by Groote to approve the consent agenda as follows: approve minutes from previous meeting, approve bills and bills paid in vacation and approve Sibley Municipal Golf Course Class C Liquor License with Outdoor Service and Sunday Sales. All voted Aye. Nay none.

Agile Mfg Parts 145.00
Ahlers Cooney Cap Loan Notes 8,270.04
Alibris Books 23.83
Alliant Gas/Electric 2,634.53
Amazon Books 332.19
Arbor Scientific Stem Supplies 192.17
Assoc Rural & Sml Library Membership 39.00
Atco Buster 50.00
Baker & Taylor Books 1,790.62
Barco Signs 172.13
Book Farm Books 104.74
Border States Wire/Lights 26,218.90
Bosma Water Water 7.50
Chemco Cleaner 4.58
Continental Research Bolts 69.64
Coop Energy Gas/Diesel 3,873.46
Dakota Supply Light/Switch 603.44
Data Tech Meter Read Install 1,255.00
DeKoter Thole & Dawson Legal Serv 1,054.00
DGR Engineering 1,673.50
Ecolab Pest Control 254.50
Electric Bearing Lub/Pump 4,629.25
Ferguson Ent Saddles 236.68
Ferguson Waterworks Neptune Maint 750.00
First National Bank Card Repairs 497.50
Good Land Pump Repairs 1,357.00
Hach Chemical Meter 2,352.65
Happy Dance Pub Picture Book 24.45
HD Supply Clamps/Gasket 1,214.04
Heiman Fire Repairs 2,096.20
Hickory Tech Phone Serv 57.59
IAMU Dues 4,025.00
IMFOA Registration 100.00
ISU Presentation 98.42
ILA/IASL Poster/Label 18.00
IA Dept of Public Health Registration 35.00
IA Library Assoc Fee/Renewal 45.00
IA Library Services Registration 90.00
ISU Extension Registration 55.00
JCL Towels 115.10
Jeddeloh Inc Service 39.11
Kelcey Schroder Photography Photos 105.00
Knight Protection Testing 182.00
Rachel Loutsch Supplies 41.90
Mangold Registration 50.00
Connie Mataloni Meal/Gas 31.29
Dick Mataloni Tax Rebate 479.18
Mid American Research Supplies 106.38
NAPA Supplies 142.18
Novelty Machine Threaded Well 307.03
NW IA Landfill Gate Fees 1,942.02
Office Elements Tape/Copies 162.62
Oriental Trading Kits/Packs 48.24
Osceola Co Econ Dvlp Assessment 14,204.67
Osceola Co Gazette Ads/Wrk Orders 882.99
Osceola Co Treasurer Pol Prot 18,088.23
Osceola Electric Coop Electric 44.01
Pete Clauson Truck Leaks 1,290.00
Petty Cash Mtg/Petty Cash 30.00
Pitney Bowes Equip Maint 173.00
Pitney Bowes Rental 420.00
Pizza Ranch Pizza 48.00
Porch on Main Pictures/Coupons 128.21
Quill Felt 228.64
Rehab Sys Root Cut 1,100.00
Sanford Sheldon Med Cntr Registration 40.00
Schnepf Lumber Supplies 805.78
Schumacher Elevator Schedule Maint 186.80
S.E.H. 2nd Ave 6,835.96
Sheehan Mack Loader Contract 1,870.00
Sibley Chamber Funding 833.34
Sibley Hardware Supplies 826.28
Sibley Sheet Metal Furnace 154.99
Sibley Super Foods Water/Cups 9.41
Sibley Vet Euthanazia 75.00
Storey Kenworthy Toner/Paper 538.81
The Press Subscription 24.50
Turfwerks Irrigation Head 774.83
UPS Ship Sample 10.76
US Postmaster Presort 200.00
USA Blue Book Safety Equip 659.40
Vogel Paint Auto Operator 4,790.00
Rob Walton Backup Repair 479.78
Wright Exp Gas/Diesel 2,215.14
State Treasurer Sales Tax 8,591.00
IPERS IPERS 10,150.62
State Treasurer State W/H 2,814.00
Petty Cash Postage 81.56
Rollie Monkemeier Health Ins Reimb 256.37
Brad Willemssen Health Ins Reimb 1,909.11
Gary Obbink Health Ins Reimb 711.51
Star Leasing Copier Lease 198.00
State Treasurer Sales Tax 151.00

FUND TOTAL – Capital Project $104.74, Feldkamp Estates $82.50, Street Improvement $29,964.46, Water Storage $92.50, Electric Improvement $194.00, General $42,380.72, Electric $30,644.65, Water $22,268.32, Sewer $10,766.27, Garbage $7,790.54, Road Use Tax $4,040.21, Golf $1,428.92, Transit $867.76, Health Insurance $2,876.99.
Public Hearing on the proposed FY14 budget was held. There being no comments from the public Mayor Pro-Tem Nobles declared the Public Hearing closed.
Councilperson Pedley introduced Resolution No 1231-13, Adopting the Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2014 and moved that the same be adopted. Councilperson Buchholtz seconded the motion to adopt. The roll was called and the vote was Aye 4. Nay 0.
Councilperson Groote introduced the following Ordinance entitled “AN ORDINANCE AMENDING TITLE 4, CHAPTER 2B, SECTION 5: COLLECTION FEES” and moved that it be passed to a third reading. Councilperson Buchholtz seconded the motion to pass the Ordinance to a third reading. The roll was called and the vote was Aye 4. Nay 0. The Mayor Pro-Tem declared that the motion to pass the Ordinance to a third reading has passed.
Mark Langstraat and Joe DeBoom were present at the meeting to request making UTV/Side by Sides legal in Sibley. Councilpersons Groote and Nobles volunteered to meet with City staff to review the possibilities and return to Council with a recommendation at a future meeting.
Street Superintendent Wayne Poss was present at the meeting to discuss with the Council a new garbage truck. The trucks are on a 5 year replacement plan, so the 2003 truck is up for replacement while the 2007 truck would be kept for a few more years. Wayne has a party who is interested in purchasing the 2003 truck. Quotes were reviewed from Northern Truck Equipment Corp of Sioux Falls, SD: $156,966 for a 2014 International with Heil Rear Loader or $147,683 for a 2013 Ford with Heil Rear Loader; and from Sanitation Products, Inc. of Sioux Falls, SD: $154,833 for a 2014 Freightliner with Loadmaster or $159,233 for a 2014 International Chassis with Loadmaster. City Council agreed that the best truck would be the 2014 Freightliner from Sanitation Products, Inc. The new truck would come equipped with a semi-auto tip assembly. Two brands of garbage carts were reviewed for use with the semi-automated lifters. 65 gallon Schaefer carts from Sanitation Products, Inc. were $53.00 each and 64 gallon carts from Toter were priced at $46.50 each (additional for granite color). Council agreed the Toter carts seemed sturdier and were the best choice. Wayne and City staff will review financing options for the purchase of a truck and carts.
Council reviewed the Water Tower paint design from DGR Engineering. The consensus was to ask for the letters to be bigger (at least 10’ – 12’), use a bolder block lettering and to add a bold black stripe between the orange and white. Council would like the lettering to be on the tower facing the two main highway exits to town – approximately northeast and southwest. Staff will contact DGR about making the changes. Discussion was held regarding acknowledging the student who drew the basic design closest to the final decision. It was decided to contact the newspapers and give the student a certificate and small award.
Council concerns were given.
Motion by Buchholtz seconded by Groote to adjourn at 6:07 P.M. All voted Aye. Nay none.

Tim Nobles
Mayor Pro-Tem
Kristen L. Vipond
City Clerk

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