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City Of Sibley Council Proceedings



The City Council of the City of Sibley met in regular session at 5:00 o’clock PM on April 8, 2013. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Johnson. Council Members present were Buchholtz, Groote, Henningsen and Pedley. Absent Nobles. Also present at the meeting City Administrator Dan Janssen, City Clerk Kris Vipond

Motion by Buchholtz seconded by Groote to approve the agenda. All voted Aye. Nay none.

Motion by Groote seconded by Buchholtz to approve the consent agenda as follows: approve minutes from previous meeting, approve bills and bills paid in vacation and appoint Linda Fick to the Board of Adjustment due to the resignation of Denny David’s to finish the term through July 1, 2015. All voted Aye. Nay none.

Alliant Gas/Electric 2,466.09
Alpha-Omega Spray Insulation Insulation 953.75
American Library Supplies 53.50
ASRI License 268.36
Baker & Taylor Books 264.08
Barco Cones 302.54
Book Systems Subscription 1,445.00
Border States Supplies 444.00
Bosma Water Repair/Filter 171.47
Brooks National Golf Clb Repair/Reels 2,937.71
BSN Pitch Machine 1,934.16
Carroll Dist Gas Detector 135.30
Chapman Metering Testing 2,679.87
Chemco Clip/Liners 137.90
City of Dysart Registration 50.00
Coop Energy Tires/Fuel 2,961.75
Dakota Supply Fan/Ballast 23,739.85
Data Tech Training 2,237.37
Davis Typewriter Program Register 12.50
DeKoter Thole General File 429.00
Demco Covers/Tape 183.54
DGR Engineering Load Plan 1,492.38
E-W Holman Twnshp Funding 7,000.00
Fairchild Comm Replace Beacon 200.00
Farner Bocken Food 843.11
Feld Fire Gloves 45.00
Ferguson Ent Vent 192.71
1st National Bank Card Card Stock 84.93
Fisher, Henry Janitor 200.00
GCC Alliance Cement 471.25
Grainger Blower 103.75
Hach Lab Test 242.48
Hallett Mat Pea Gravel 520.17
Harms & Henrichs Shovel 203.50
Hickory Tech Phone Serv 48.53
HW Wilson Book 378.00
IAMU Energizers 243.96
ICAP Insurance 86,491.35
IAWEA Registration 180.00
Jake’s Meat Market Meat 112.34
JCL Solutions Towels 145.30
Jeddeloh Inc Repair 339.59
John’s Equip Opener/Pitcher 170.40
Lewis & Clark Lobby Charge 1,529.00
Loutsch, Rachel Gas/Meals 70.37
M & J LLC Towels 50.35
Mango Languages Subscription 3,000.00
Matheson Tri Gas Tank Lease 341.91
Midwest Coca-Cola Pop 589.68
NAPA Supplies 256.62
NW IA Planning Ordinance 2,000.00
NW IA Landfill Gate Fees 2,188.02
O’Leary Aviation Phone/Water 35.00
Obbink, Gary Mtg Exp 232.78
Office Elements Supplies 283.08
Osceola Comm Hospital Pulmonary Function 588.50
Osceola Co Gazette Ads 511.56
Osceola Co Treasurer Police Prot 18,088.23
Pepsi Beverages Pop 545.60
Petty Cash Certif/Mtg Exp 44.28
Quill Sharpie/Toner 211.45
Raveling Inc Steel 141.45
Schnepf Lumber Casing/Entry 1,174.55
Schumacher Elevator Scheduled Maint 186.80
S.E.H. Zoning 3,574.18
Shaughnessy’s Buns 25.47
Sheehan Mack Contract 1,870.00
Sibley Chamber Funding 833.34
Sibley Hardware Supplies 1,201.58
Sibley Pride & Invlmt Buck a Month 490.00
Sibley Sheet Metal Elbow 10.05
Sibley Super Foods Food 94.27
Sibley Vet Euthanazia 125.00
Siouxland Dist Health License 114.50
Storey Kenworthy Clips/Folders 40.10
UPS Ship Sample 21.42
Upstart T-Shirts 420.00
Van Kley, Steve Bldg Inspector 150.00
Wallace Caswell Supplies 3,072.74
WEF Membership 67.00
WIT Registration 440.00
Wright Express Gas/Diesel 3,506.78
Johnson Brothers Beer 207.75
Jerolyn Huisenga Health Ins Reimb 2,678.91
Jerrad Brouwer Health Ins Reimb 295.16
Lora Bendt Health Ins Reimb 2,175.55
IPERS IPERS 10,195.86
State Treasurer State W/H 2,799.00
Doll Distributing Beer 578.70
Jensen Liquor Liquor 468.92
Petty Cash Petty Cash 700.00
Altisource Solutions Ref Dep 429.75
Stacy Manitz Ref Dep 17.70
Steve Waldstein Ref Dep 100.14
Kaye Strobehhn Ref Dep 106.17
City of Sibley Ref Dep 1,856.24
Petty Cash Postage 61.40
State Treasurer Sales Tax 1,231.00
IWD Unemployment 1,851.31
Star Leasing Copier Lease 198.00
Rollie Monkemeier Health Ins Reimb 285.59
Gary Obbink Health Ins Reimb 619.41

FUND TOTALS – Capital Project $9,401.69, Street Improvement $1,614.18, General $75,831.88, Electric $70,264.62, Water $13,793.44, Sewer $7,073.41, Garbage $7,517.11, Road Use Tax $7,958.87, Golf $14,860.59, Trust & Agency $2,510.00, Employee Benefit $834.26, Transit $1,228.82, Health Insurance $6,054.62.

Councilperson Henningsen arrived at the meeting at 5:03 P.M.

Steve Hallgren reviewed the 2013 Airport Land Use and Height Overlay Zoning Ordinance. This is a joint City/County Ordinance with day to day administration under the jurisdiction of the County.

The Mayor announced that this was the time and place for the Public Hearing and meeting on the matter of adopting the 2013 Airport Land Use and Height Overlay Zoning Ordinance. The Mayor then asked for any comments. There being no comments, the Mayor declared the time for receiving comments to be closed.

Councilperson Henningsen introduced the following Ordinance entitled “AN ORDINANCE 2013 AIRPORT LAND USE AND HEIGHT OVERLAY ZONING” and moved that it be passed to a second reading. Councilperson Pedley seconded the motion to pass the Ordinance to a second reading has passed. The roll was called and the vote was:

AYES: Groote, Henningsen, Buchholtz and Pedley NAYS: None

The Mayor declared that the motion to pass to a second reading has passed.

ICAP Insurance representative Kirk Huisenga was present at the meeting to present to the Council the City’s insurance renewal information for the 2013-2014 property coverages.

Discussion was held regarding an Ordinance allowing All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Off Road Vehicles (ORVs) to be used in City limits. Several residents voiced their opinion regarding noise, safety, hours, rules, enforcement and requirements. The City Clerk gave an overview of the Ordinance as it has been written.

Councilperson Groote introduced the following Ordinance entitled “AN ORDINANCE AMENDING TITLE 6, MOTOR VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC BY ADDING CHAPTER 11 ATVs and ORVs and moved that it be passed to a second reading.
Councilperson Buchholtz seconded the motion to move to a second reading. The roll was called and the vote was:

AYES: Groote, Buchholtz, Henningsen and Pedley NAYS: None

The Mayor declared that the motion to pass to a second reading has passed.

City Administrator Janssen provided City Council with quotes for a replacement vehicle for the 1998 Ford Taurus that has over 100,000 miles. A discussion was held regarding vehicle storage as the current location at the City Shop would not be ideal for a new vehicle.
Council concerns and administrators report was given.

Motion by Henningsen seconded by Pedly to adjourn at 6:21 P.M. All voted Aye. Nay none.

Jerry Johnson
Kristen L. Vipond
City Clerk

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