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City Of Sibley Council Proceedings

City Of Sibley Council Proceedings

JULY 8, 2013
The City Council of the City of Sibley met in regular session at 5:00 o’clock PM on June 24, 2013. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Johnson. Council Members present were Buchholtz, Henningsen, Groote and Pedley. Absent Nobles and City Clerk. Also present at the meeting City Administrator Dan Janssen.
Motion by Groote seconded by Pedley to approve the agenda. All voted Aye. Nay none.
Motion by Buchholtz seconded by Groote to approve the consent agenda as follows: approve minutes from previous meeting, approve bills and bills paid in vacation. All voted Aye. Nay none.
A & D Tee Time Proshop Sales 695.93
ABM Equipment Bucket Truck 116,270.00
Alliant Gas/Electric 3,827.93
Alpha Wireless Radio Repairs 113.12
Arnold Pool Chemicals 76.99
Baker & Taylor Books 142.07
Beltman Jamey Ball Organizer 50.00
Border States Transformer/Light 9,115.12
Boss Safety Ear Plugs 45.40
Buysman Nick Umpire 30.00
Coop Elevator Roundup 123.00
Coop Energy Fuel/Diesel 3,309.07
Crossroads Ads 386.61
D&K Products Fertilizer 1,587.63
Dakota Supply Wire/Lamps 2,853.39
DeKoter Thole Nuisances/Ordinance 1,222.00
Demco Label/Headphones 167.08
Dreessen Amy Umpire 30.00
Dyno’s Air Diesel 14.54
Echter’s Flowers 35.88
Ecolab Pest Control 254.50
Emed Signs 128.07
Energis High Voltage Maint/Testing 95,427.85
Farner Bocken Concession 1,389.36
Ferguson Ent Clamp/Saddle/PVC 976.62
Ferguson Waterworks Repair/Meter 895.40
Fisher Henry Janitor 200.00
Green Kyle Field Prep 265.00
Guarantee Roofing Tile Repair 2,000.00
Hawkins Chemicals 3,235.81
HD Supply Saddle/Bend 4,947.07
Hibma Sara Supplies/Softball 681.96
Hickory Tech Phone Serv 934.42
HTC Cable 60.29
Huisenga Shelby Umpire 210.00
I Wireless Cell Phone Serv 85.72
IAMU Energizer 243.96
IACMA Membership 120.00
IMWCA Work Comp 4,488.00
IA DNR Membership 327.20
IA Division of Labor Boiler 25.00
IA Information Ads 203.10
IA League of Cities Dues 1,269.00
Jake’s Meat Market Patties 60.80
Jaycox Imp Mower Parts 414.16
JCL Solutions Liners/Kleenex 138.35
Jeddeloh Inc Service 108.87
Jensen Liquor Refund Liq License 56.25
Keith Merrick Shirts 1,326.00
Kruger Trent Umpire 15.00
Lewis Family Drug Wipes/Lysol 68.73
Linquist Matt Umpire 180.00
Lowe Matt Softball/Umpire 190.00
Lowe Nicole Concession 210.00
M & J LLC Towels/Mat 28.28
Mangold Testing 133.00
Marco Carson Umpire 30.00
Marco Nic Umpire 15.00
Marco Preston Umpire 15.00
Midwest Coca Cola Pop 307.88
NAPA Switch/Filter 158.20
No Streaking Window Clean 100.00
NW Equipment Repair/Filter 951.60
NW IA Landfill Gate Fees 2,627.74
O’Leary Robert Phone/Water 35.00
Office Elements Copies/Wipes 140.51
Osceola Co Econ Dvlp Assessment 14,204.66
Osceola Co Gazette Ads 476.96
Osceola Co Treasurer Police Protection 18,992.64
Pepsi Beverages Pop 404.48
Petty Cash Fuel Permit 20.00
Pizza Ranch Pizza 47.00
Presto X Pest Control 35.06
Regional Transit Vehicle Use 308.96
Rehab Systems Clean Sewer 4,200.00
Sanitation Prod Parts/Broom 893.33
Schnepf Lumber Benches 85.05
S.E.H. Engineering 715.47
Services Unlimited SCADA Service 9,402.81
Shaughnessy’s Buns 60.97
Sheehan Mack Loader Contract 1,870.00
Sibley Chamber Funding 833.33
Sibley Fire Dept Camera 420.48
Sibley Hardware Toilet/Shovel/Broom 1,124.10
Sibley Pride & Invlmt Buck A Month 549.00
Sibley Super Foods Food 483.31
Sibley Vet Euthanazia 105.00
State Hygienic Lab Testing 270.00
Sterling Codifiers Fee 715.00
Storey Kenworthy White Board 52.84
Summit Supply Dispenser 122.00
Turfwerks Switch/Cable 78.47
Tutje Eric Umpire 225.00
UPS Ship Sample 32.28
Van Kley Steve Building Inspector 625.00
Vander Ploeg Dan Umpire 180.00
Wright Express Gas/Diesel 5,109.41
Yamaha Golf Cart Rent/Keys 1,300.00
State Treasurer Sales Tax 9,032.00
Tom Lemke Health Ins Reimb 1,044.88
Rollie Monkemeier Health Ins Reimb 598.35
Verlyn Smidt Health Ins Reimb 163.69
Doll Dist Beer 685.97
IPERS IPERS 11,154.06
State Treasurer State W/H 3,282.00
Schottsy’s Liquor Liquor 370.87
Petty Cash Postage/Balloons 115.46
Godbersen-Smith Const Construction 36,158.06
Vander Werff & Assoc Appraisal Railroad 3,000.00
Johnson Brothers Beer 173.05
FUND TOTAL – Employee Benefits $1,893.87, Capital Reserve $125,592.15, Feldkamp Estates $197.60, Street Improvement $517.87, General $474,838.62, Electric $129,986.61, Water $17,243.54, Sewer $5,664.46, Garbage $10,042.17, Road Use Tax $40,575.73, Golf $10,372.04, Transit $1,281.48, Health Insurance $1,806.92.
The Council reviewed the FY14 agreement for transportation services with Regional Transit Authority/RIDES, Inc. Motion by Pedley seconded by Buchholtz to authorize the Mayor to sign the agreement. All voted Aye. Nay none.
The Council reviewed the Elderbridge Agency on Aging Office Lease Agreement. Motion by Buchholtz seconded by Groote to authorize the City Administrator to sign the agreement. All voted Aye. Nay none. Abstain one.
Councilperson Groote introduced Resolution No 1241-13, Authorizing the Government Financing of Economic Development Activities that Serve a Public Purpose and moved that the same be adopted. Councilperson Henningsen seconded the motion to adopt. The roll was called and the vote was Aye 4. Nay 0.
Motion by Henningsen seconded by Buchholtz to approve pay request #3 in the amount of $9,402.81 for the SCADA to Services Unlimited, Ireton, IA. All voted Aye. Nay none.
Council concerns and administrators report was given.
Motion by Henningsen seconded by Buchholtz to adjourn at 5:36 P.M. All voted Aye. Nay none.

Jerry Johnson
Kristen L. Vipond
City Clerk

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