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Hawarden Approved Minutes Regulat City Council Meeting

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 5:30 p.m.
The Council Meeting was called to order at 5:33 p.m.
Present: Mayor Porter; Council Members: Bauder, Fluit, Harvey, Kurth, Olson.
Absent: None.
Staff Present: Gary W. Tucker, City Administrator/City Clerk; Jim Pickner, City Attorney; Mike
DeBruin, Chief of Police; Tom Kane, Public Works Director; Sharole Rens, Finance Director.
Absen : None.
Standard Agenda Items
1a. Approval of April 9, 2014 Regular Council Meeting Minutes. Moved by Olson/Fluit to
approve April 9, 2014 Regular Council Meeting Minutes. Motion carried 5-0.
1b. Approval of Claims for Payment. Moved by Bauder/Kurth to approve the Claims for
Payment. Motion carried 5-0.
1c. Open Business from the Community. Bruce McInnis spoke to the Council regarding the
walking trail.
2a. Mayor’s Report was given.
2b. No Council Comments were given.
2c. Staff Reports were given.
Other Agenda Items
Item 3. Presentation from Dan Zomermand from Northland Securities on 16th Street
Project Bond. Mr. Zomermaand presented information regarding the GO Bond for the 16th
Street Project and explained the necessary forms needing approval.
a. Approval of Disclosures for Negotiated Underwriting Letter. Moved by
Kurth/Fluit to approve the Disclosures for Negotiated Underwriting Letter. Motion carried 5-0.
b. Approval of Dissemination Agent Agreement. Moved by Kurth/Bauder to approve
the Dissemination Agent Agreement. Motion carried 5-0.
Item 4. Resolution 2014-12 — Approval of Bids for Housing Rehab Grant. Moved by
Fluit/Kurth to approve Resolution 2014-12. Aye: Harvey, Bauder, Olson, Kurth, Fluit. Nay:
None. Motion carried 5-0.
Item 5. Discussion of 16th Street Sidewalks. Sidewalk Project along 16th Street was discussed
along with other options. Moved by Kurth/Olson to install 6 foot sidewalk on the North Side of
16th Street according to the specifications from the engineer. Aye: Olson, Kurth. Nay: Harvey,
Fluit, Bauder. Motion failed 2-3.
Item 6. Review of Utility Rates – City Administrator Tucker presented information on the
Electric Rates changed proposed in the MRES Electric Rate Study. The Gas Rates are proposed
to stay the same. These changes will be brought to the Council for approval in ordinances at
future meetings.
Item 7. Consent Agenda:
a. Request from Quick Corner, Inc. for Renewal of Class C Beer Permit for offpremise
sales of Beer and Wine Coolers with Sunday Sales. Moved by Fluit/Kurth to approve
the Liquor License Renewal. Motion carried 5-0.
The next regular City Council Meeting will be Wednesday, May 14, 2014. Moved by
Kurth/Bauder to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 5-0. Meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m.
Ricard R. Porter, Mayor
Gary W. Tucker, City Administrator/City Clerk

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