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Lester City Council Minutes

City of Lester
March 4, 2013
Regular Meeting and Budget Hearing
Meeting 6:30PM
Resolution 2013-5
Mayor Daniel Gerber called the budget hearing meeting to order with all council
members present. There were no other citizens present. The Mayor announced
that this was the time and place for the public hearing concerning the proposed
budget for the tax year 2013-2014. Don Grems introduced Resolution 2013-5 and
moved for its approval. Resolution 2013-5 to approve 2013-2014 City of Lester
Budget as published on February 20, 2013. Lance Boote seconded the motion to
approve the resolution. Mayor Dan Gerber called for a roll call vote and all
members voted as follows: Ayes: Don Grems, Lance Boote, Jeff Hoogeveen,
Pam Hawf, and Curtis Doorneweerd. Nays: None. Whereby the Mayor declared
Resolution 2013-5 duly passed and the budget hearing adjourned.
Mayor Daniel Gerber called the regular council meeting to order with all council
members present.
A motion was made by Pam Hawf to approve the minutes of February 4th
meeting as printed. This motion was seconded by Curtis Doorneweerd and
carried with all council members voting in favor.
The treasurer’s reports were given. Don Grems made a motion to approve the
reports as presented, seconded by Lance Boote and carried with all members
voting in favor.
Pam Hawf made a motion to approve the following bills and warrants issued
through February. Curtis Doorneweerd seconded this motion and it carried with
all members voting “yes”.
Alliant Energy Ball Park 18.26
Alliant Energy Street Lights 481.34
Harold Meester Wages 303.00
Robert Leuthold Wages 259.71
Lyon-Sioux Water 582,000 Gallons 989.40
New Century Press Publish Notices 122.26
IPERS March IPERS 93.93
Dutchland Freight Charge 13.10
Denny’s March Garbage 1,350.00
Leuthold’s Plbg Snow Removal 810.00
J&J and Co. Asbestos Inspection 717.00
US Postal Service Stamps 46.00
Hillside Circle Reimburse Expenses 442.23
Option Tax 2,208.44
Garbage Rent Collection 1,372.00
Account Interest 42.29Road Use Money 1,886.21
Water Rent Collections 2,936.16
Lyon County Tax Money 428.57
Extended Ag Hall Rent 250.00
Building Permits 45.00
Caboose Grill- Cigarette Permit 18.75
DRG Mechanical Pea Rock 180.00
Lester Sewer Checks
Robert Leuthold Wages 173.14
Kathy Wilke Wages 86.57
Alliant Energy Electricity 267.74
Alliance Communication Phone 31.36
IPERS Jan 43.35
Leuthold Plbg. 122.22
DRG Mechanical 35.98
Lester Sewer Receipts
Sewer Rent 3,855.00
Sales Tax 48.48
Interest 18.95
Community Center Checks
Alliance Communication Phone 28.60
Alliant Energy 182.81
Advertising for Soup Supper 109.40
Community Center Receipts
Rental Income 50.00
Donations Received 950.00
Interest Income .42
Hillside Cemetery Receipts
Interest income 1.22
A building permit application for Lester Feed & Grain, Inc. was discussed. Curtis
Doorneweerd moved to approve applications contingent resolving the water
drainage issue on south end of Clinton St. Motion was seconded by Pam Hawf
and carried with all council members voting “yes”. Building permit application
for Paul Metzger was also discussed and approved by council.
Mayor Daniel Gerber declared this is the time and place for the public hearing on
the construction of a new community center in Lester. The following citizens
were present; Art and Chris Metzger, Derek Knobloch, and Connie Vande Kamp.
The group discussed the following items of interest: size and location of new
structure, use of old equipment and furniture, schedule of construction, debris
removal, repayment schedule and sources, size of kitchen. All present voiced
their support for this project and were satisfied with the plans presented.
Resolution 2013-6
Curtis Doorneweerd moved to approve resolution 2013-6. This resolution
authorizes the demolition of the old community center and construction of a new
facility. Resolution also authorizes the Mayor to accept the proposal from J&J
and Company, Limited of Sioux City for asbestos removal. This motion was
seconded by Pam Hawf and carried with all council members voting “yes”.Resolution 2013-7
Jeff Hoogeveen moved to transfer $23,200.00 of cemetery perpetual care funds to
the permanent fund of the general ledger. This motion was seconded by Pam
Hawf and carried with all voting “yes”.
The Council agreed to reimburse $442.23 to The Hillside Circle for cemetery
expenses they paid for in November 2011. The cemetery repairs were for
painting the outside restroom, painting the front gates, filling holes, and
straightening 21 grave markers.
City park cleanup is set for April 6th. Junk pickup day will be held on May 5th
Applications are being taken for the summer recreation director.
The council will meet at the community center on Monday, March 11th at 6; 30 to
go through the contents of the community center. They will decide on which
items to keep and what to sell on a silent auction to be held on the evenings of
March 18 and 19 from 6:00pm to 8:00 pm. All items purchased at the silent
auction will need to be removed from the community center by March 23rd
The next regular scheduled council meeting and budget hearing will be held on
Monday, April 1st at 6:30 PM at the DRG meeting room.
Meeting Adjourned Harold W. Meester, City Clerk
City of Lester
Meeting of February 13, 2013
Mayor Dan Gerber called meeting to order with following present: Don Grems,
Lance Boote, Jeff Hoogeveen and Curtis Doorneweerd.
Purpose of this meeting is review the building procedure for the community
J&J and Co. Ltd. Of Sioux City gave a bid for the asbestos inspection that is
required. Their cost is $359.00 per sample needed.
Wayne Schlotfeldt of Schlotfeldt Engineering, Inc. of Le Mars will be reviewing
the community center plans and will hold the sealed bidding procedure.
No rental reservations for the community center will be made after April 1st
Those groups that rent on a regular basis will have to be notified of the situation.
The City will remove all items they plan to move to the new structure and hold a
silent auction for the remaining contents. Storage space for these items will have
to be secured. Time table for these events will be set at the March 4th meeting.
Meeting Adjourned.City of Lester
Public Notice
March 4, 2013
The Lester City Council will be holding a public silent
auction on March 18 and 19 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm for
items in the old community center. They will be offering
up for auction items that will not be used in the new
community center.
Sale items will be located in the community center.
Bidding will end at 8:00pm on Tuesday, March 19th
Items will need to be removed by Saturday, March 23rd
Lester City Council

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