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Lyon County Board of Supervisors Minutes For March 24th

Meeting Minutes
Chairman Randy Bosch convened the adjourned session with Peters, Bosch, Behrens, Koedam and Michael present. Motion carried assumes unanimous vote unless otherwise stated.

The minutes of the March 10, 2014 meeting were reviewed. Motion made by Behrens to approve minutes, seconded by Koedam. Motion carried.

A tobacco permit for Grand Falls Resort and Casino was presented. The permit is valid from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014. Motion by Michael, second by Koedam to approve and have Chairman sign permit. Motion carried.

Mary Sloan with Compass Pointe, Attorney Shayne Mayer, and Sheriff Stewart Vander Stoep joined the Board to discuss the possibility of Lyon County supporting a social host ordinance. Ms. Sloan stated the Alliance of Coalitions For Change are an alliance of many different coalitions that have a priority of reducing underage drinking which is where this social ordinance got its start. Attorney Mayer feels the ordinance would be redundant for Lyon County as the County currently uses parameters in the law to prosecute individuals that are involved with activities stated in the ordinance. Vander Stoep stated some of his deputies like the ordinance as it seems to be a clearer picture of who they can charge in situations involving underage drinking. After much discussion, Mayer stated she is not opposed to the ordinance, just the current wording of the one being discussed. In Mayer’s opinion the ordinance is too broad and fears it would be challenged if used. It was decided that at this time the Board would not be signing a social host ordinance as they are confident in the County Attorney to continue prosecuting under the current law. The Board thanked Ms. Sloan for coming.

Lori Van Maanen, Secondary Road Secretary, met with the Board due to Engineer Sievers attending a meeting. Van Maanen introduced Joel Moser as the new sanitarian. Moser started in February with going to meetings and learning the requirements of the position. It was stated that no certifications are needed to be a county sanitarian if time of transfer duties are not included. Moser will be a contract employee doing the septic inspections and overseeing of well closing for a flat monthly fee of $1,000. Motion by Michael to approve and have Chairman sign contract with Joel Moser, second by Koedam. Motion carried.

Van Maanen asked the Board to sign a Certificate of Completion and Final Acceptance of Agreement Work on four emergency repair projects. The projects were: ER-CO60(100)—58-60 a bridge berm repair on Arthur Avenue; ER-CO60(101)—58-60 rip rap repair on bridge on K12; Bridge Berm repair on A26; and Shoulder Slide repair on A26. Motion by Behrens to approve and have Chairman sign Certificates of Completion and Final Acceptance of Agreement Work, second by Peters. Motion carried.

Van Maanen provided a copy of the survey done for the Little Rock shop property purchase. Auditor Smit will do some research to make sure a public hearing does not have to be held regarding the purchasing of property for the shop.

John Van Veldhuizen, Weed Commissioner for the west side of the county, gave a report on the Weed Commissioner meeting he attended in early March. Van Veldhuizen also discussed the monitoring he did last spring/summer. He plans on starting earlier this year in hopes of catching weeds before they bloom so the weeds can be sprayed/mowed before seeding. The Board thanked Mr. Van Veldhuizen for the report.

The Cost Advisory Services contract was brought to the Supervisors for their signature. Motion by Michael to approve and have Chairman sign the multi-year CAS contract, second by Behrens. Motion carried.

The Board has received two resignation letters from the Health Services department. Amy Hartter has resigned from the Homemaker/Home Care Aide Program Manager position. Hartter’s last day of employment will be April 11, 2014. Jolene Korthals has also resigned as a homecare aide. Korthals’s last day of employment will be April 13, 2014.

The Board asked Auditor Smit to ask Kevin Jongerius at DGR to give an estimate on surveying three parcels that the county is thinking of selling. These parcels were all received by the county by tax sale between 1956 and 1970 and are not used by the county currently.

Supervisor Koedam attended a Regional Transit meeting.

Supervisor Michael attended a Conservation meeting.

Supervisor Peters attended YES Center, Safety and ISAC meetings.

Supervisor Behrens attended Landfill, NW Iowa Regional Housing and Mental Health meetings.

Payroll dated 3-14-2014 was reviewed and approved.

Payroll Disbursement Register in the amount of $24,671.43 is listed by fund.

General Basic Fund 3,035.97
Rural Service Basic Fund 7,543.80
Secondary Road Fund 14,091.66

Payroll Warrant Register in the amount of $54,712.55 is listed by Fund.

General Basic Fund 8,236.30
Rural Services Basic Fund 14,996.51
Secondary Road Fund 31,479.74

Claims dated 3-11-2014 in the amount of $10,204.18 were reviewed and approved. Check sequence #108500-108521.

Alliance Communications LPRAphone, lg dist./internet 72.00 Kyle Ciesielski Reimb: District III Meeting 10.00 City of Rock Rapids Municipal Office Utilities 479.13 Cooperative Energy Company 114.41 G Gasohol/.70G LP 375.74 Country Boy Doors, Inc Replace spring & labor 118.84 Doon Press Seasonal Site Ad 16.00 I Wireless Cell Phones 116.04 ISAC ISAC Meeting Registration 140.00 Larchwood Lumber Company Underlayment – South House 15.95 Lyon & Sioux Rural Water 22,000 G water 106.45 Lyon County Engineer Copy Machine 500.00 Lyon County Title Co. Inc Abstract Fee 242.00 Lyon Rural Electric Coop LPRA Electric 727.23 Menards Johni ring/lumber/screws 587.38 Emily Ostrander Reimb:IAN Workshop/shirts 98.25 Premier Communications Phone, lg dist. & broadband 102.33 RJ Thomas Mfg Co 10 Firerings/10 8’ tables 3640.00 Rock Rapids Ace Hardware Pole Pruner 669.95 Sunshine Foods Eggs, Cream Cheese, Almonds 29.27 Thornton Carpets, Inc 400 S.F. Adura Flooring 1556.00 Three Rivers Pheasants Forever Gold Sponsor Package 250.00 US Bank Printer ink/dadant/supplies 351.62

General Basic Fund 10,204.18

Claims dated 3-18-2014 in the amount of $3,776.20 were reviewed and approved. Check sequence #108577-108587.

Jerry M. Baatz Mileage (20) March Mtg 10.00 Enventis Telephone – February 47.80 George Office Products Supplies 465.06 Dennis Hansmann Mileage (30) March Mtg 15.00 Corey Heimensen April Office Space Rent 165.33 Marco Qrtly Copier Maint 108.01 MidAmerican Energy Utility Assistance 156.00 Wilma Miller Mileage Fellowship Village 24.00 Sanford Sheldon Medical Center RX Assistance 2136.00 WebClimber Services c/o Scott HP Laser JetPro 400 Print 649.00

General Basic Fund 3,776.20

Claims dated 3-18-2014 in the amount of $100,793.98 were reviewed and approved. Check sequence #108588-108678.

A & R Snow Removal & Sanding Jan/Feb Snow Removal 1300.00 Henry M. Adkins & Son Inc. Ele 3-4-14 Election Ballots/Prog. 680.68 Alliant Energy LR shop/shed 752.32 AT & T 911 Recurring 233-0016 40.98 Barnes Distribution hardware 533.87 Larry Boeve 3/11/14 LCED Mtg Mileage 14.50 Ron Bos Richland Twp Mtgs 30.00 Boyer Trucks seal/lamp assembly 72.68 Alan Bruggeman Cleveland Twp Mtg 15.00 City of Alvord utilities 48.50 City of George utilities 21.25 City of Rock Rapids City Offic 3/11/14 LCED Mtg-Room Rent 40.00 CLIA Laboratory Program 2 Year Cert 9/1/14-8/31/16 150.00 Kary Conaway 3/11/14 LCED Mtg Mileage 15.00 Cooperative Energy Company 2000 gal diesel fuel 2970.83 Dakota Fluid Power Inc. hoses/cylinder repair 544.76 DGR Engineering land survey – LR shop 1152.80 Doon Press 2/19/14 EMA Budget Amend/Brd min FY15 Budget hrg/helpwanted ad 247.40 Electronic Engineering Repair GE/DN Paging 671.83 Foundation 2 Feb Juv Care (28) 1306.20 Four Seasons Motel Housing Before Committment 51.00 Frontier March 911 Recurring/GE shop 172.76 George Office Products Office Supplies 234.31 Allen D. Hansman February Transportation 780.00 Richard Heidloff ISAC Mtg Mileage(484)/meals 257.07 Herm’s Sanitation garbage serv-Inwood shop 51.00 Home Instead February Service 2280.00 Hope Haven February Service 10496.24 I Wireless Phone/cellphone 110.74 IMAGETek, Inc. Cloud Dec & Jan Overage/Feb&Mar. 236.00 Iowa Prison Industries 27 route markers/signs/posts 5583.42 Iowa State University Registra P.Tille Registration 3/31/14 65.00 JCL Solutions-Janitors Closet Air Freshners/plungers 174.78 Jim Hawk Tr Trailers Inc. bearing set,seal,batteries 491.84 John Deere Financial Bolts for JD Snowblower 10.20 Ralph F. Kock Richland Twp Mtgs 30.00 Dale Kollis Richland Twp Mtgs 30.00 Eldon E. Kruse ISAC Mtg Mileage (556)/Meals 297.09 Lewis Family Drug, LLC Meds for Inmate 4.70 LexisNexis Feb On-line services 106.00 Little Falls Machine Inc. swivel block/oneway jacks 244.97 Little Rock Free Lance Subscription Renewal 25.00 Lyon County Planning Council Health Fair Booth 4/1/14 30.00 Lyon County Sheriff Dept. Sheriff Fees 798.56 Lyon Rural Electric Coop utilities – Lester shop 726.81 Marco Copier contract/maintenance 83.01 MEDPRO Midwest Group Cot Accessories 6206.00 Leon Meiburg 3/8/14 Cleveland Twp Mtg 15.00 Marlene Mellema Rental Assistance 200.00 MidAmerican Energy IW/AV shop/shed 1379.06 Minnehaha County Sheriff Dept. Sheriff Fee #14000171 30.16 Modern Gas Company 250.1 gal LP gas 487.70 New Century Press 2/24/14 Brd Minutes 202.70 North American Truck & Trailer strobe light bulb #42 42.00 Kyle Peters DYMO Label Writer 143.76 Pitney Bowes Jan-March Postage 370.59 Postmaster Stamps & Postcards 206.20 Rapid Auto Repair Michael D. K A-3 oil filter/service 69.95 Norman Rentschler Richland Twp Mtgs 30.00 Sanford Health Two Autopsies/inmate medical 4745.20 Sanford USD Medical Center Health Supplies/PT/OT services 3752.62 Seasons Northwest Iowa Mental March Consult/Jan. Outpatient 7875.00 Loren Silvey 3/8/14 Cleveland Twp Mtg 15.00 Vicki Slack March Ambulance laundry 100.00 Jennifer Smit ISAC Mtg – Mileage (515) 257.50 Sunshine Foods Emerg Food Voucher/coffee 103.77 Swisher Hygiene Items for Jail Dishwasher 156.29 Trane March Generator Maint 313.25 U.S. Postal Service Postage-By postage 200.00 US Bank – Purchase Card Purcha Fuel/dues/computers/regist./ SRT equip 5955.85 Bonnie VandenBosch BOH Mileage – Jul-Nov 30.00 Brent VanRegenmorter 3/11/14 LCED Mtg Mileage 18.00 John C. VanVeldhuizen Weed Comm Conf reimb. 426.92 Verizon Wireless Cell Phones 443.79 Wall Street Printers Letterhead/envelopes/supplies 491.25 Wellmark BlueCross BlueShield 3/1/14-3/7/14 Claims 5312.67 Wellmark BlueCross BlueShield 3/8/14-3/14/14 Claims 24368.75 Kathi Wilke 3/11/14 LCED Mtg Mileage 8.50 Ziegler Inc. cap,nozzle,5 batteries 1161.62 3D Security Inc. 16 Channel DVR/install 1695.78

General Basic Fund 28,756.68
General Basic Sub Fund 1,695.78
Mental Health Fund 21,746.63
Rural Services Basic Fund 671.92
Economic Development Fund 96.00
Secondary Road Fund 17,025.57
Surcharge on E911 842.76
Emergency Management Services 204.25
Co. Assessor Agency Fund 72.97
Health Insurance Fund 29,681.42

There being no further business there was a motion by Michael, seconded by Peters to adjourn. Motion carried.

ATTEST APPROVED County Auditor Chairman

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