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MOC-Floyd Valley Board of Education Meeting Agenda

MOC-Floyd Valley Board of Education Meeting Agenda

September 16, 2013
709 8th Street SE , Orange City, Iowa

Regular Meeting – 5:00

1) Call to Order

2) Approve or Amend the Agenda
a) Additional Agenda Items
b) Request to Speak to items

3) Recognition of citizen comments, or, requests to speak to items
a) Correspondence
b) Student/Staff Recognition

4) Old Business.
a) Approve Revisions to Board Policies 1005.1-1005.3, 1006.1, 1006.4
b) Approve August Minutes
c) Approve August Bills
d) Approve Secretary’s Financial Report
e) Personnel
f) Open Enrollment

Retire Old Board
5) Organizational Meeting of New Board
a) Call to Order.
b) Roll Call-Board Secretary.
c) Oath of Office for New Board Members
d) Election of Officers – Board Secretary
e) Set Regular Board Meeting Dates
f) Set Committee Assignments:
i) Legislative Delegate
ii) Negotiations Committee
iii) County Conference Board
iv) 28E Wellness Committee
v) 28E OCADC Committee

6) Reports:
a) Building Reports
i) Mr. Mulder – High School
ii) Mrs. De Graaf – Hospers Elem.
b) Technology – Mr. Vore
c) OCADC and Preschool –Mr. Adams

7) Informational Items.
a. Teacher Leadership Compensation System Planning Grant
b. Preliminary Enrollment Data
i. Open Enrollment Rosters
ii. Home School Roster
iii. Jointly Administered Program / PSEO Rosters
iv. ACT Report

8) New Business.
a) First Reading of Revisions to Board Policies 100, 101, 102, 102.1
b) Revise Master Calendar for 2013-14 School Year
c) Proposed Student Trip
d) Fundraiser List
e) Family Partnership Liaison
f) Full-Time Evening Custodian

9) Adjourn

10) Next Regular Meeting: Monday, October 14, 2013 – Superintendent’s Office – 5:00

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