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Sibley City Council Minutes – March 25


MARCH 25, 2013
The City Council of the City of Sibley met in regular session at 5:00 o’clock PM on March 25, 2013. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Johnson. Council Members present were Buchholtz, Groote, Nobles, Henningsen and Pedley. Absent none. Also present at the meeting City Administrator Dan Janssen, City Clerk Kris Vipond. Motion by Nobles seconded by Henningsen to approve the agenda. All voted Aye. Nay none.
Motion by Pedley seconded by Groote to approve the consent agenda as follows: approve minutes from previous meeting, approve bills and bills paid in vacation and approve The Lantern Coffeehouse & Roastery Special Class C Liquor License (Beer/Wine) with Living Quarters (Pending Dram Shop). All voted Aye. Nay none.
Alliant Electric 860.13
Center Sports Basketballs 147.00
City of Sibley Utilities 6,789.17
Dept of Energy Purchase Power 44,533.65
Fisher, Henry Janitor 200.00
Global Equipment Safety Glasses 70.69
Stacy Grunow Self Defense 180.00
Hach Chemical Probe 892.00
Hickory Tech Phone Serv 907.63
I Wireless Cell Phone 84.55
IAMU Workshop 80.00
IA Fire Chiefs Assn Dues 75.00
Kannegieter, Jackie Janitor 240.00
Kidwind Project STEM Supplies 105.60
Matt Lowe Balls/Set-Up 159.00
O’Leary Aviation Phone/Water 35.00
Pedley, Larry Mileage 64.98
Pitney Bowes Meter Rent 420.00
Pizza Ranch Pizza 42.00
Racom Corp PA Horn 38.50
Regional Transit Vehicle Lease 844.29
Schmillen Const Concrete Crushing 30,000.00
Schnepf Lumber Refund 139.10
Services Unlimited SCADA Control 18,805.60
Sioux City Iron Cutoff Wheel 84.31
UPS Ship Sample 10.71
USA Blue Book Valve 294.19
Vander Plaats, Doug Janitor 340.00
WIT Fire School 140.00
Connie Mataloni Health Ins Reimb 566.46
RPGI Purchase Power 86,286.25
Jerrad Brouwer Health Ins Reimb 417.67
US Postmaster Roll of Stamps 46.00
Osceola Co Rural Water Water 14,514.50
Alcohol Beverages Golf Liquor License 988.00
US Postmaster Utility Bill Postage 309.10
Melvin Savings Bank Deposit Books 15.00
State Treasurer Sales Tax 8,388.00
FUND TOTALS – Road Use Tax $31,356.81, Capital Reserve $10,974.38, Transit $874.91, General $3,314.66, Electric $137,324.94, Water $27,148.02, Sewer $3,872.07, Garbage $766.46, Golf $1,497.70, Health Insurance $984.13.
Councilperson Buchholtz introduced Ordinance No 639-13, Amending Title 4, Chapter 2B, Section 5: Collection Fees for the third and final reading and moved that the Ordinance be passed and approved. Councilperson Groote seconded the motion to pass and approve the Ordinance. The roll was called and the vote was Aye 5. Nay 0.
Golf Superintendent Brian Seivert was present at the meeting to update the Council about the golf course and park. Equipment is ready to go as soon as the frost goes out of the ground. Considering waterfall replacement, Park Board will be attending Rotary meeting about Sweetheart Dinner donation for park equipment, water is on at the Clubhouse and fees to close the course will remain the same as 2012 – $1,500 plus cart rentals for all day; $500 plus cart rentals for 4 hour increments.
Motion by Nobles seconded by Groote to set a Public Hearing for the 2013 Airport Land Use and Height Overlay Zoning on April 8, 2013 in the Council Chambers at 5:00 P.M. All voted Aye. Nay none.
Motion by Buchholtz seconded by Groote to approve purchasing a 2014 Freightliner with Loadmaster from Sanitation Products, Inc. of Sioux Falls, SD in the amount of $154,833.00 and to purchase 64 gallon carts from Toter Inc. or a competitively priced alternative of equal quality to be determined by the Street Superintendent. All voted Aye. Nay none.
Motion by Henningsen seconded by Buchholtz to approve the Revolving Loan Fund application from The Lantern Coffeehouse & Roastery in the amount of $6,500 at 4.5% interest over a term of 3 years for expansion, pending a personal guarantee from the property owners. All voted Aye. Nay none. Abstain Nobles.
Motion by Nobles seconded by Groote to approve pay request #1 in the amount of $18,805.60 for the SCADA to Services Unlimited, Ireton, IA. All voted Aye. Nay none.
Motion by Pedley seconded by Buchholtz to request the County to create a truck route on the County roads to alleviate the number of trucks on City streets. All voted Aye. Nay none.
Council concerns and administrators report was given.
Motion by Buchholtz seconded by Nobles to adjourn at 6:10 P.M. All voted Aye. Nay none.

Jerry Johnson
Kristen L. Vipond
City Clerk

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