2016 Farmland Cash Rent Report

MoneyNorthwest Iowa — The USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service has released their 2016 Cash Rent Per Acre report.

Statewide, cropland cash rent paid to Iowa landlords in 2016 averaged $235.00 an acre, according to the report.  The report goes on to say that non-irrigated cropland  rent averaged $235.00 per acre, which is down $15.00 from one year ago, and down $25.00 from 2014’s high of $260.00.

Irrigated cropland rent averaged $240.00 per acre, down $15.00 from the 2014 high of $255.00.  Pasture rented for cash averaged $52.00 per acre, which is an increase of $2.00 from 2015.  That’s the highest rent for pasture land in the last 5 years, according to the study.

While average cash rent statewide is $235.00 an acre, here in our area, it is well above that price.  Todd Hatterman, of Vander Werff & Associates in Sanborn, says he has been seeing cash rent rates of up to $350.00 for the better farmland in the area.  He says that even the lower quality land is bringing around $250.00, which is higher than the statewide average.

For a look at the USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service 2016 Cash Rent Per Acre Report, click here.

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