Motorists Urged To Use Caution As Kids Return To School

school open house 2Northwest Iowa — School will be starting soon around northwest Iowa, and, once again, motorists will need to be especially careful when behind the wheel….watching out for children who may not be watching out for you.

Rose White of Triple-A says motorists need to slow down, and keep a watch out for pedestrians, especially around school buses, and school buildings.

If you’re driving your kids to school in your own vehicle, White has a few common-sense tips.

She says that, in almost all cases, motorists need to stop if they come upon a school bus with its lights flashing and the stop arm extended.

White says drivers should reduce distractions by getting in the habit of turning off the cell phone when getting into a vehicle. She says Triple-A research finds taking your eyes off the road for two seconds doubles your chances of getting into an accident.

It’s also important to be alert for kids running out from between parked cars.  Back to school season is an exciting time for youngsters, and they’re often paying more attention to reconnecting with friends and classmates, than watching out for traffic.  So slow down, pay attention to the road, and do your part to help all of the area’s children make it safely to, and from, school.

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