Stinky Sibley Plant For Sale

Iowa Drying and Processing IDPSibley, Iowa — A building in Sibley that’s blamed for causing overpowering smells in the city is for sale. The Iowa Drying and Processing Plant has been listed for sale, along with nearly seven acres of land.

Sibley City Administrator Glenn Anderson says the stench from the plant drifts over the downtown business district and residential areas of the city.

The plant renders pork parts into a high-protein livestock feed. Anderson says the city has repeatedly asked the company to reduce the odors emanating from the plant, and says there’s a businessman in Lawton who’s offered a fix.

The plant has violated Sibley’s city code 36 times since July of 2015 and has been assessed more than 35-thousand dollars ($35,500) in civil penalties that are racking up interest. Five-and-a-half million dollars is the sale price listed for the building and land. Parts of the building date back to the World War II era. In 2013, the current owners got 150-thousand dollars in state incentives to reopen the plant which had been closed for three years.

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