Sunflowers Growing In Driveway A Topic Of Conversation

Sheldon, Iowa — It’s not unusual to see sunflowers growing in northwest Iowa, but it IS unusual to see them growing, and being allowed to grow, from a crack in someone’s in-town driveway.  But that’s just what you’ll see if you drive past a residence on 8th Street in Sheldon.

Pastor Kevin Gingerich of Sheldon United Methodist Church lives in the church’s parsonage, which is located across the street from the church, and his driveway currently sports a couple of sunflower plants.

We asked Pastor Gingerich how those plants came to be growing in his concrete driveway.

Most people would pull anything that sprouted up from a crack in their driveway, but with these sunflowers, the Pastor says he took a different route.

Gingerich says he does plan to remove the plants, but not for a little while yet.

We asked Pastor Gingerich if the sunflowers had motivated him to write a sermon on seeds that take root in rocky soil.

For the time being the sunflower plants, one of which is nearly 6-feet tall, will remain in the driveway.  If you’d like to see them, the Gingerich home is located on the northeast corner of the 8th Street and 5th Avenue intersection in Sheldon, directly across the street from the Sheldon United Methodist Church.

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