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Sheldon Crossroads Pavilion is Up and Running

Sheldon, Iowa – The Crossroads Pavilion Board met in regular session Wednesday, September 13th at 6:00 p.m. in the Sherwood Boardroom at the Crossroads Pavilion Event Center. Present were Brittany Behrendsen, Kevin Cain, Marv Van Riesen, Sean Hutchison, Pete Hamill, Rob Roozeboom, and Lora Vande Brake.

Old business reviewed included an update on the Donor Event, which will be held on Thursday, September 21st. The Special Entertainment Committee is taking on the task of booking ten events over the course of the next year, with the intention of drawing in surrounding communities and showcasing what the Pavilion has to offer. Ideas brought up by various board members included a Bridal Fair, comedy acts, holiday concerts, and a Super Bowl party. Some events may require sponsorship by businesses, and this will be addressed as plans are made more firm.

New business on the agenda addressed the concern for additional parking lot needs. Currently, the facility has 122 parking spaces, with six of those designated as handicapped. It was discussed whether additional parking should be made on a temporary basis, using gravel at a cost of five to eight thousand dollars, or if permanent parking, using concrete at a cost of 700 to 800 thousand dollars should be pursued. Hutchison shared several sketched-out possibilities for expanding parking, but the board determined that it would be in the best interest of the Pavilion to wait and see what issues may arise after several events have taken place so the best resolution can be reached.

Also discussed was the calendar of events. The Pavilion officially opened for business over the Labor Day weekend and there has been a lot of positive response since then. There are already eighteen bookings on the calendar for the remainder of 2017, and an additional twenty in 2018. That being said, there are still available part-time positions open at the Pavilion. In addition, the need for volunteers was again brought up and will be needed in order to help see the Pavilion thrive. If you would like to be a volunteer at the Crossroads Pavilion, you can contact Brittany Behrendsen at 712-631-4336 or by email at

The next regular meeting of the Crossroads Pavilion Board is set for Wednesday, October 11th, and will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the Sherwood Boardroom at the Crossroads Pavilion Event Center.

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