2018 Not The Snowiest April On Record…Yet

Sheldon, Iowa — It may seem like snow in April is something unusual, but a check of the Sheldon weather records indicate that April snow is, in fact, the norm.  

Over the past fifty years, only seven Aprils have gone by without at least a Trace of snow.  The records show that we had 13.25 inches in April, 2013 which closely eclipses the 13.0 inches we’ve had so far this month.   

A brief check of the records all the way back to 1899 indicates that 13.25 is the heaviest snowfall for April to date, but additional snow is expected this week.  That could easily cause April, 2018 to take over the dubious distinction of setting a new record for April snowfall.

Caption for photo above: Snow dragon in a Sheldon yard.

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