3rd Graders Tour Downtown

Mrs Jansen's Class
Mrs Jansen’s Class

Sheldon, Iowa — The third grade classes of Mrs. Arnold, Mr. Buchholtz and Mrs. Jansen at East Elementary in Sheldon went on a tour of downtown Sheldon on Friday, September 30th. This tour coincided with their social studies unit on the history of Sheldon and their reading unit about changes.

The students visited the Sheldon Public Library and met with Children’s Librarian, Annie McCabe, who lead them on a scavenger hunt to learn more about the different parts of the library.

Mr. Buchholtz’ Class

They made a stop at the Sheldon Community Services Center, where they met with Mayor Tricia Meendering. Mayor Meendering showed the students the council room where meetings take place twice a month. The students got the opportunity to sit in the various seats and learn the roles that each person plays during a meeting.  Mayor Meendering explained that her job as Mayor is to listen to the thoughts of the public and make sure those thoughts, as well as concerns, are heard. On their way to the Police Department, they passed the Chamber & Development Office, which Mayor Meendering lightheartedly told the students was the “party planning office” of Sheldon.

During their visit to the Police Department, Officer Todd Wood took the students on a tour of the station, stopping in the booking room to explain how they process individuals who come in. He also brought them to the garage to see the squad cars. In touring downtown Sheldon the students stopped at Northwestern Bank to view old pictures and see the cornerstone.

Mrs. Arnold's Class
Mrs. Arnold’s Class

The third graders made a stop at KIWA Radio as well. While here, they learned about all the different jobs held by the employees at the radio station, they toured one of the studios, and they recorded the Pledge of Allegiance.

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