“Adopt A Family” Helping Families Have A Nice Christmas

Primghar, Iowa — Many people are making Christmas plans this time of year, but for some people they just hope to be able to survive as a family from day-to-day.

Upper Des Moines Opportunity sponsors and runs a program every year called “Adopt-A-Family”. Outreach Director Laurie Ruf is in charge of the program for O’Brien, Osceola, and Dickinson Counties. She says it’s a program that lets community members and groups or organizations provide holiday gifts for needy families.

She says it’s all anonymous and they only identify each family by a number. She tells us how the families are picked.

Ruf says if you or your family or business is interested in adopting a family, you can find the list on our web site at But she says you do need to call the Upper Des Moines office to tell them who you picked because the list is constantly changing.

She says they provide the same kind of program in Osceola County. There it’s called “Sharing Christmas”, but it’s run the same way. The number to call for the Osceola County office of Upper Des Moines Opportunity is 754-2573.

Ruf says adopting a family is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Again, to find the list of O’Brien County families, you can click here, and then call Upper Des Moines at 957-1023 — or in Osceola County, call 754-2573 for more information.

Once you have your family or families, buy the gifts, and then wrap each gift including a tag with the family number and who it is for, and put the family number in LARGE, BOLD numbers on all sides of the container in which you place the wrapped gifts.

On a side note, the similar program that was administered by Mid-Sioux Opportunity in Lyon County has now been turned over to ATLAS of Lyon County, and is called “Bless-A-Family”. For more information, call 472-9016.

Sioux County has a similar program run through Mid-Sioux, but that program has wrapped up the adoption part and will distribute the gifts in two weeks, according to office staff.

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