Advice For Farmers Facing Second Year Of Falling Farm Income

Sheldon, Iowa — Sheldon will be the first site to host one in a series of meetings around the state for farmers in January, planned by Iowa State University Extension. This year the main topic is trying to figure out how to deal with sliding commodity prices and rising production costs.

Joel De Jong (file photo)
Joel De Jong (file photo)

That’s I-S-U Extension agronomist Joel DeJong. The “Crop Advantage” meetings, which have been held for several years, this year will offer advice on managing farm chemical applications.

Farm income in 2015 is projected to fall to its lowest level in nine years and the U-S-D-A predicts farm income will fall even lower in 2016.

There is a 50-dollar registration fee for farmers who want to attend the “Crop Advantage” meetings next month and get advice from I-S-U economists, agronomists, entomologists and grain market analysts. I-S-U Extension will hold 14 meetings around the state during January. The first is January 5th in Sheldon.

Register by clicking here, or by calling your local county extension office.

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