Ahrenstorff Wins Hartley Mayor Chair

Hartley, Iowa — The results are in, and it appears the new mayor of Hartley will be Rodney Ahrenstorff.

Unofficial results from the election on Tuesday, January 10th indicate that Ahrenstorff received 172 votes. Clayton Pyle received 138. There were 16 other votes for write-ins. Turnout was about 28 percent, all according to the O’Brien County Auditor’s office.

According to Hartley City Clerk/Administrator Patty Anderson, former mayor John Lyman submitted a letter of resignation on Wednesday, November 16th, 2016. The letter indicated that the resignation was effective immediately.

Lyman, whose term was set to expire at the end of calendar year 2017, did not give a reason for the resignation in the letter.

The Hartley City Council voted at their November 29th special meeting to hold a special election to fill the mayor’s chair

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