Another Area Legislator Lists Tax Reform As Priority One

Orange City, Iowa — Another northwest Iowa legislator says his main focus this legislative session will be tax reform.

We had a chance to talk to District 4 State Representative Skyler Wheeler from Orange City. When we talked to the state senator from his area, Randy Feenstra, he said his priority this year would be on tax reform. Wheeler echoes that priority.

Wheeler says there are other issues that he thinks are important as well this year.

He says this first week of the session was spent making connections and hearing from important speeches like the Governor’s Condition of the State speech, Chief Justice Mark Cady’s Condition of the Judiciary, and Major General Tim Orr’s Condition of the National Guard speech.

Wheeler represents most of Sioux County except some counties in the northeast and far eastern parts of the county, which are represented by his colleague, Representative Dan Huseman. Wheeler sits on the Environmental Protection, Education, Public Safety, and Labor committees. He also serves as the vice chair of the Transportation, Infrastructure, and Capitals Appropriations Subcommittee.

He encourages people to reach out to their legislators if they have concerns. He says this is the time to do it. He says, “the earlier the better.”

Photo caption: Skyler Wheeler (R), Orange City (photo from The Iowa Legislature)

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