Another Sheldon Business Plans Major Expansion

ge-logoSheldon, Iowa — Another Sheldon business is planning a major expansion.  At Wednesday’s Sheldon City Council meeting, the Council voted in favor of a proposal presented by Development Director Curt Strouth to sell the land located along Highway 18, just west of the Village Treasure Chest, to G & E Cabinetry.  Strouth said that G & E plans to build an all new 12,000 square foot facility for their business, on the land that will be purchased from the City for one dollar, with a guaranteed minimum assessment of $400-thousand.

In other business, the Council approved a proposal from the Sheldon Community Ambulance Team to add all the Fire Department members to the SCAT roster.  SCAT’s Kevin Miller told the Council that fire department members would be called only when there was no one else available.  Council Member Brad Hindt, who is on the Fire Department, said that every member of the department has agreed to this arrangement.  He pointed out that some of the members are already EMT’s, and others could be used as drivers.  In a related matter, the Council approved the purchase of a new ambulance from  Arrow Manufacturing Company of Rock Rapids.  Arrow’s price for the unit was quoted as $149,790, minus five thousand dollars for the trade in of Sheldon’s oldest ambulance.  The new vehicle should be ready for delivery in 150-180 days.

The Council also approved a proposal from a group named Five 26 LLC to purchase a lot in the Trilogy Addition.  The buyer will have one year to execute the option to buy the lot for $24,600.  During that time, if another party offers to buy the property, Five 26 LLC will have ten days to finalize their purchase.  They will pay $1,000 in ‘earnest money’ in advance.

This was the final Sheldon City Council meeting for City Manager Scott Wynja, who is leaving for a similar position in Sioux Center.  Mayor Katricia Meendering led the council members in thanking Wynja for the work he has done during his 14 years as City Manager in Sheldon.  Wynja said he felt like he was the puzzle maker with the task of putting the pieces together in many situations.  He also gave a lot of credit to the City employees for the work they are doing.

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