Area Drs, Hospitals Get Reduced Paperwork For Medicaid Privatization

stethoscope_sxcNorthwest Iowa — Previously we told you about Iowa’s Medicaid system being taken over by private companies effective April 1st.  Now it’s been announced that northwest Iowa healthcare providers will be able to use the same forms they’ve been using prior to privatization, to address complaints about paperwork overload.

Cynthia MacDonald of Amerigroup says this kind of cooperation is uncommon.

Some Iowa doctors and other health care providers have reportedly decided to quit accepting Medicaid patients because of the looming problem of submitting different forms, including bills, to three different health care companies. In addition to the announcement about unified forms, MacDonald says all three managed care companies want to figure out other ways to cut the administrative paperwork for health care providers.

MacDonald along with officials from the other two companies met with legislators to answer questions about the April 1st switch to private managed care for 560-thousand Iowa Medicaid patients.

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