Area Fire Departments Celebrate National Fire Prevention Week

Sheldon, Iowa — This is National Fire Prevention Week, a time set aside to make sure you, and your family, know what to do in case your home catches fire.

Sheldon Fire Company Captain Brad Hindt says firefighters want people to practice fire drills with your entire family this week.

He reminds us to check and maintain the smoke alarms in our homes. he says smoke alarms are your best friend, but only if they’re in good operating order.

In observance of National Fire Prevention Week, some area fire departments are hosting fundraisers in their communities. In Sheldon, the 54th Annual Firemen’s Fun Night is celebrated Thursday, with Grocery Bingo at the Fire Station at 7:00pm, as well as three showings of the filmĀ Little Foot at the Main Street Three Theatres.

Hospers firefighters are hosting a Free-Will Donation Pancake Supper Thursday evening. Then on Saturday, the Archer Fire Department will hold their Annual Fundraiser Lunch from 11 to 1 at the Archer Fire Station.

Remember, plan out what you’d do in case of a fire, and then rehearse that plan with your family. And always maintain your smoke detectors. Those are two of the easiest ways you can increase your family’s chances of survival should your home one day catch fire.

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