Area Ministry Provides Shelter In Times Of Disaster

bless-you-headerNorthwest Iowa — We hear about floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other disasters, but there’s a northwest Iowa group that is quietly making a difference in disaster situations around the United States.

Bless You, Inc. is a non-profit corporation established in 2012 to respond to disaster situations with temporary housing and supplies.  With huge areas reeling from Hurricane Sandy, as well as a devastating wildfire season, Duane Drost of Milford got the seed on an idea that became Bless You, Inc.

The ministry began with three travel trailers, which volunteers fully stocked with bedding, toiletries, and other necessities donated by caring individuals.  Volunteers pulled these trailers to Moore, Oklahoma to provide temporary shelter for relief workers and families after the deadly 2012 tornadoes.  In June of that year, another three trailers went to Shawnee, Oklahoma, which was hit by a tornado the day before Moore’s vicious storm.

Bless You, Inc’s trailers give families a home base from which to rebuild, and give relief workers a place to sleep after a hard day of cleanup efforts.  They also provide temporary homes for people in areas where emergency shelters are crowded and overwhelmed after a disaster.

The Bless You, Inc. ministry is entirely volunteer-run, with no administrative or support salaries.  They use 100% donations received to purchase and deliver trailers, generators, and supplies.  If you’d like to help this ministry, or for more information, call Bless You, Inc. at 712-260-0414, or visit their website at

Donations to Bless You, Inc. are completely tax deductible.

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