Area Students Compete In National History Day Event

Pictured from Sheldon Middle School are (from left to right): Dominic Seivert, Mitchal Van Gorp and Nick Bomgaars

Northwest Iowa — Nearly 275 students representing schools in 10 northwest Iowa counties participated in this year’s National History Day Thursday March 14th at Northwest Area Education Agency.  This number marks an approximately 50 student increase in competitors over last year’s numbers.  This year’s theme was “Turning Points in History: People, Ideas, Events.”

Categories included: group exhibit, individual exhibit, group performance, paper, individual performance, group documentary, individual documentary, group website and individual website.

The National History Day competition is an annual event for middle school and high school students.  Competition winners at the AEA level advance to the State Competition, and those who win at State go on to compete in a National event.

Here are the winners from the northwest Iowa AEA Region, that will be advancing to State Competition:



Student Names




Group Exhibit

Megan SwancuttKailee Tucker Women Airforce Service Pilots: Turning Point in Aviation Akron-Westfield/Val Philips & Colleen Westegard

Individual Exhibit

Adam Filipi Gettysburg Lawton-Bronson/Suzy Powell
Lucas Geisinger The Great Wall of China Lawton-Bronson/Suzy Powell


Group Exhibit

Emmy KnuthRose WittDanika Smith  Chernobyl: Fatal Disaster, Turning Point in Nuclear Energy Akron-Westfield/Val Philips & Colleen Westegard
Mitchal Van GorpDominic SeivertNick Bomgaars  Little Rock Nine: Turning Point in Integration Sheldon/Justin Albers
Nash LiningerDominic Trobaugh The Jazz Age Akron-Westfield/Val Philips & Colleen Westegard

Individual Exhibit

Megan Friederich Discovery of Penicillin: How Mold Changed the World Le Mars/Jeanne Rust
Kelli Susemihl Proclaiming Freedom: The Emancipation Proclamation’s Impact on Slavery Le Mars/Jeanne Rust

Group Performance

Cameron WahlbergSkyler BriggsCharlie AndersonDaniel Martinsen Teddy Roosevelt: Turning Tables on Corporations Akron-Westfield/Val Philips & Colleen Westegard
Cody HillrichsMax AndersonKiana AppleyBrynn Van Eldik

Jordan Neubrand



Deadly Glow: Turning Point in Occupational Safety Akron-Westfield/Val Philips & Colleen Westegard 



Individual Performance

Makayla Swancutt Not Just a Boys’ War Akron-Westfield/Val Philips & Colleen Westegard
Laken Mullinix Doesn’t Everyone Deserve to Be Served? Akron-Westfield/Val Philips & Colleen Westegard


Chloe Evans The Stock Market Crash of 1929: A Turning Point in the American Economy Le Mars/Jeanne Rust
Shelby Scheitler The Attack on Pearl Harbor: Bringing the United States into World War II Le Mars/Jeanne Rust

Group Documentary

Eric CottrellMichael FordNick Schnell  Sputnik 1: A Small Object that Created a Huge Impact Akron-Westfield/Val Philips & Colleen Westegard
Quentin HofferChristian Wolthuizen The Legacy of the WPA: Putting a Nation Back to Work Akron-Westfield/Val Philips & Colleen Westegard

Individual Documentary

Faith Laskie Sesame Street: A turning Point in Television History Le Mars/Jeanne Rust
Sydney Rand The Bolshevik Revolution: A turning Point in Russian History Le Mars/Jeanne Rust

Group Web Sites

Brady BergmanCourtney Waterbury Samuel Colt: Changing Firearm History Akron-Westfield/Val Philips & Colleen Westegard
Alex BurnettEric Isebrand The Atomic Bomb Le Mars/Jeanne Rust

Individual Web Sites

Kyle Marek Civilian Conservation Corps Le Mars/Jeanne Rust
Jeff Ahlers The Berlin Wall Le Mars/Jeanne Rust


Group Exhibit

Jeffrey JeltemaKylie Van WyheTanner Van Wyhe  History of Computer Unity Christian/Terry Beimers
Ian TaylorTaylor DeeganJoseph Vander Wilt  Operation Autumn Mist Unity Christian/Cody Harskamp

Individual Exhibit

Jordan Davelaar Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal Unity Christian/Cody Harskamp
Eric Jones The Communist Manifesto South O’Brien/John Fernstrum

Individual Performance

Grace Weiland All Is Not Fair in Love and War: The Prosecution of Rape as a War Crime Alta-Aurelia/Kirsten Doebel


Molly McDaniel Edward Verne Roberts: The Birth of the Disability Rights Movement and Political Activism in America Alta-Aurelia/Kirsten Doebel
Eric Koehlmoos A Turning Point in Agriculture: Artificial Insemination South O’Brien/John Fernstrum

Group Documentary

Tina SniederEmma Walhof Allen Pinkerton: The All-Seeing Eye Unity Christian/Terry Beimers
Shaniah GeelsTabitha Zomermaand Comic Book Superheroes Unity Christian/Terry Beimers

Individual Documentary

Kaity Brake Living in a Barbie World: Turning Point in Women’s Image in Society Alta-Aurelia/Kirsten Doebel
Kinza Brue Jews in Brazil Unity Christian/Terry Beimers

Group Web Site

Madison Van SoelenJenna Rylaarsdam 1980 Olympics Unity Christian/Cody Harskamp
Bethany MuyskensKatie Wynia Turning Point in History: The Atomic Bomb Unity Christian/Terry Beimers

Individual Web Site

Merle Thomas Berlin Wall South O’Brien/John Fernstrum
Karlene Negus Surgical Anesthesia South O’Brien/John Fernstrum
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