Arnolds Park Amusement Park Working On Two Major Renovation Projects

Arnolds ParkArnolds Park, Iowa – Although the Arnolds Park Amusement Park is closed for the season, there is much work that continues to be done for opening on May 17th.

According to Di Lorenzen, Marketing & Communications Manager for Arnolds Park, there are two major construction projects that guests will notice this coming May, The Legend Roller Coaster renovation and also the Majestic Pavilion.

The first one-third of the track was replaced last year, says Lorenzen. If you rode the Legend, you could feel where the new track ended and the old began, she says. It was decided at the end of the summer to complete the rest of the renovation.

According to Lorenzen, the tear down and footings were finished before Christmas. She says there will be 700 feet of track and structure being replaced, and most of that from the ground up. Scot Pyle, General Manager of Arnolds Park Amusement Park says that Great Coasters International returned on January 6th and have been working in the cold and windy conditions. They will complete final construction on this project by opening on May 17th.

Pyle says that they are excited to have this project completed this year. The total cost of the Legend Roller Coaster renovation project is nearly $1 million, but he says it’s a project that they felt they had to complete for their guests. He says the staff and Board worked very hard to budget for the construction to be completed this winter. He says they feel this project will bring in more customers to ride the renovated wooden coaster.

The other renovation project is the Majestic Pavilion, which many remember as the Majestic Roller Rink. Pyle says the park is very fortunate to have a donation from the Maser Family Foundation and matching grant from the Park Foundation to help with the Majestic Pavilion renovation project. He says they are working on phase one of this renovation this winter. There will be a new façade to give the front of the building an updated look, renovated restrooms, the first phase of a new caterer’s kitchen and they will enclose the Roof Garden.

Pyle says the second phase of the project will continue next fall and be completed by next spring. The first phase of the Majestic Pavilion project will be completed by this spring.

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