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As Many As 80 Cattle Escape Near Hospers/Sheldon; Some Still On The Loose

Hospers, Iowa — As many as 80 cattle owned by Galen Haack may have escaped overnight from a farm five miles due south of the southernmost Highway 60 Sheldon exit, on McKinley Avenue, or L26.

The loose cattle did cause one accident that we know of, just into Monday morning, at 12:30 AM.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that 57-year-old Alan Oberloh of Worthington was driving a 2010 GMC Sierra pickup northbound on Highway 60 and struck two cattle in the northbound lane.

No human injuries were reported.

The GMC sustained approximately $10,000 in damages. Both cows were a loss and are valued at $600 each.

UPDATE, 7 PM 5/7/12: Even though we were told on Monday afternoon that all the cattle had been accounted for, we have just received word from the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office that there are still cattle on the loose.

Sioux County Sheriff spokesperson Nate Huizenga says they don’t know how the cattle got out.

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