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Ashton Teen Taken To Hospital After Thursday Accident In Sheldon

SCAT back 2012Sheldon, Iowa — An Ashton teen was taken to the hospital after an accident on Thursday (5/30) in Sheldon.

The Sheldon Police Department reports that about 8:15 AM, 19-year-old Nicholas Larsen of Armstrong was westbound on Highway 18, in front of Sears in a 2000 Chevy Tahoe. Eighteen-year-old Kelli Krogman of Ashton was also westbound on 18 in front of Larsen in a 2000 Chrysler. Fifty-nine-year-old Susan Starkenburg of Sibley was driving the lead car, also westbound on 18 — a 2005 Pontiac SUV.

Starkenburg had stopped for turning traffic. Krogman was stopped behind her. The report says Larsen failed to notice that traffic was stopped in front of him. A chain-reaction accident ensued as Larsen’s vehicle struck Krogman’s, and Krogman’s struck Starkenburg’s.

Krogman was transported to Sanford Sheldon by SCAT.

Larsen’s Chevy received $2000 damage. Krogman’s Chrysler was totaled with $3500 damage. Starkenburg’s Pontiac received $2500 damage.

Larsen was charged with Failure To Maintain Control.

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