August 18th is Tentative Start Date for Sheldon Community Schools

Sheldon-Schools-logoSheldon Iowa — Each year the Sheldon Community Schools Board of Directors has the responsibility of setting the calendar for the coming school year.

After hearing some of the discussion at a recent committee meeting, the Board is looking at a tentative starting date of August 18th .  If the elementary building is not ready by that time, their classes would start a few days later.  Planned work on the old building cannot begin until this school term is ended. At their Monday morning meeting Superintendent Spears emphasized that in all his conversations with the contractors he has told them that that August 18th is their starting date.

The committee has also discussed the possibility of a one and a half hour late start every Wednesday at all three centers.  On Wednesdays the teachers would report for work at 7:30 for a staff development session.  This would eliminate the need for the traditional day-long or half-day teacher in-service days.

The work at East Elementary is progressing well, because as Spears commented, “the contractor is super-organized”.  He also reported that it would take an extra $2900 to have the colors of all the markings on the gym floor match those of the Middle School and High School.  Another addition to the plans will be sprinklers in the old basement room at East Elementary.  This requirement comes from the Fire Marshall.

Spears also gave the Board a look at preliminary financial information for fiscal year 15.  He said the tax rate would probably be about sixteen cents per thousand dollars of assessed valuation lower than the current year. He also reported on some of his concerns about the actions of the state legislature that affect school finances.

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