Beware Of Dangers, Costs Of Playing Pokeman Go

iPhoneNorthwest Iowa — Many people in our area, and beyond, are playing the game Pokemon Go.  So many, in fact, that’s it’s rapidly becoming one of the world’s most downloaded smartphone apps.

However, several police departments are warning players of the game to be aware of their surroundings for hazards, including traffic, and even muggers.  Jim Haggerty of the Better Business Bureau says crooks have already found a way to rip you off.

That “nasty stuff” may include locking up your mobile device or stealing your personal financial information. Hegarty also warns parents the game gobbles data.

Hegarty says the app is free to download but players might be tempted to click on some of the extras, which aren’t free.

The game uses A-R, or “augmented reality,” where you switch on your phone’s camera, look at your screen and see virtual creatures which you’re trying to “catch” superimposed over the real world view.

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