BH Presents Social Media Presentation for Parents

Hull, Iowa — The Boyden-Hull Community School District and the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office are teaming up to host an informational presentation about digital communication and social media.

Lisa Rensink, School Counselor at Boyden-Hull Elementary says it’s scheduled for Wednesday, April 13 at 7:00 p.m. in Hull at the Boyden-Hull High School Auditorium.

She says we are increasingly connected to the world through digital communication and social media. Our children are growing up in a time where learning how to connect safely and responsibly through digital and social media can be difficult and overwhelming. Seemingly anonymous applications have added to the difficulty of helping our kids grow up safely and responsibly using social media. As parents it can be difficult to know how to be involved, how to set limits, and where those limits should be with digital communication and social media.

Wednesday night’s event will offer information about some of the applications kids are using and the potential impact they may have on the ways kids interact in the digital world and potential problems with social networking and safety, she says.

Rensink says Dr. Brandon Nutting, a professor of media and journalism at the University of South Dakota, will serve as the keynote speaker for the event. An interactive panel discussion will follow the speech, in which the audience is encouraged to ask questions of him and a panel of guests. She tells us the panel will consist of school administration, a technology integrationist, a prosecuting attorney, and law enforcement from around the area to better understand the information and help us all be more aware of some of the applications, how they are being used, the real-life and potential problems that the use of these applications have caused or may cause in the life of kids and students, and ways we can be involved in our children’s digital life and set safe and appropriate limits.

The presentation is open to the public.

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