Blood Run Area Closer To State Park Designation

Granite, Iowa — A tour of the area that may soon become the first-of-it’s kind bi-state State Park is coming up on Friday, July 15th.
Blood Run Pitted Boulder
The Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs will be celebrating the conclusion of the Iowa Blood Run Cultural Landscape Master Plan. Iowa State Parks Bureau Chief Todd Coffelt says that over the last year they have worked with their stakeholders to develop a plan that will protect and respectfully highlight the unique heritage of Blood Run National Historic Landmark. He says they’re not quite ready to name it a state park, but they’re getting closer. He tells us about the event.

He tells us about the tour.

Later on that day, they’ll talk more at the Grand Falls Casino.

He says the ancestors of the Native American tribes in the area have been instrumental in the process since the beginning, and they have something special planned as well.

On Site Visit:
Please meet by 9:45 am
Granite Mercantile
1114 125th St. Larchwood, IA 51241
Transportation (via hay rack) will be provided to the site.

Formal Presentations:
2:00 pm
Grand Falls Casino
1415 Grand Falls Blvd. Larchwood, IA 51241

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