Board of Adjustment Denies Exception Request

New-Sheldon-SignSheldon, Iowa — Several years ago, the City of Sheldon changed their zoning regulations with regard to moving a house to a new location in the city. According to the current zoning rules, a special exception must be requested for relocating a used residential property within the city. This requires a public hearing before the Board of Adjustment. Matt and Renae Hartog have purchased one of the lots in the Sunshine Addition which the city sold for one dollar. They told a recent meeting of the Board of Adjustment that they plan to construct a basement on that lot and move their current house from Sanborn to Sheldon.

About a dozen people either filed comments or voiced their opinion on the matter at the public hearing. Most of them were people living in the Sunshine addition who were opposed to the granting of a special exception for this purpose. Several people said they understood that those who bought the lots for a dollar were required to begin new construction within one year and moving an older house in could not be considered ‘new’ construction. Others felt that the proposed home would not be in line with the covenants for that residential area, calling attention to the covenant which states, “No building shall be erected on any lot unless the design and location is in harmony with existing structures and locations in the tract and does not violate any Protective Covenants.”

One resident said she wished Mr. Hartog had contacted his future neighbors and explained his plans.

After the discussion, the Board voted unanimously to deny the request for a special exception.

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