UPDATE: Council Picks Name For New Events Center

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Sheldon, Iowa — We’ve been calling it “The Sheldon Events Center”, but now it finally has a name.  It was reported at the City Council meeting that 46 percent of the people voting on the suggested names, voted for “The Crossroads Regional Events Center” and 31 percent voted for “Water’s Edge Pavilion”.   The Council wanted to shorten the name so they combined the two suggestions and decided on “Crossroads Pavilion”.

In other news, the Sheldon City Council gave their approval to a Tax Increment Financing application, presented by Development Director Curt Strouth, for a new $1.3 million dollar commercial retail development along the Highway 18 corridor.  According to Strouth, Osage Equities plans to purchase the land now occupied by Sheldon Drapery and Interiors, as well as the adjacent property to the east.  Strouth says upon the completion of the purchase of the properties Osage Equities intends to demolish the existing structures and ultimately replace them with a brand new prototype commercial/retail building that will be utilized for future retail development.  As part of their application Osage requested up-front TIF assistance in the amount of $74,970 to assist in costs associated with land acquisition and demolition.  In return, Osage will agree to a $350,000 contract for development and minimum assessment agreement with the City of Sheldon.  This minimum assessment will generate approximately $10,710 in new commercial property tax annually.

The Council also approved the sale of lots 11 and 12 in Block three of the Sunshine Addition to Jeremiah Postma.


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Sheldon, Iowa — Crossroads Pavilion.  That will be the name of the new Sheldon events center.  The Sheldon City Council chose that name during their meeting this noon.

Crossroads Pavilion is an amalgamation of two of the naming contest’s finalists, Crossroads Regional Event Center, and Water’s Edge Pavilion.

We’ll have more details on today’s Sheldon City Council meeting later this afternoon.

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