Bump OUTS are still IN

streetscape_afterSheldon, Iowa — The “bump-outs” are still ‘in’.–  Still in the Sheldon downtown infrastructure plan after much discussion at Wednesday’s city council meeting.

The representative of  McClure engineering told the council that when  streets are torn up and replaced they must meet the requirements of the American Disability Act.  This requirement would be met by use of the bump-outs But, he showed the council a new proposal with smaller bump-outs which would result in the loss of fewer parking places than the original plan.. Currently the downtown has 126 parking places and the new plan would reduce that to 117.   He also suggested a modified version of the bump-outs at the third avenue intersections with 8th street and 10th street.  These locations would only have the bump-outs on the south side of 8th street and the north side of 10th street. Parking on third avenue was also a topic of discussion.

Council members Ron Rensink and Dave Popkes both asked if they could narrow the sidewalks along third avenue which would provide a wider traffic area between the diagonally parked vehicles on the west side and parallel parking on the east side.  The engineer said that the normally accepted driving lane width is twenty-four feet.  But, he admitted that when some of the longer vehicles use the angle parking it narrows the existing driving lane and causes problems. In answer to questions, the engineer stated that the primary goal of the project is to bring the curb downtown to a standard six inches.  This concern and others will be discussed after more plans are brought forward.

In other business the Council held a lengthy discussion on the extension of the Trail System into the Sheldon Crossing area, and the use of Hotel-Motel tax funds to help support Children’s World.  We’ll have details on future newscasts on Kiwa Radio and on

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