“Cash Mob” Concept Being Tried In Northwest Iowa

Rock Rapids, Iowa — You’ve probably heard of a “flash mob” — when a group of people invade a public space and make a scene. But have you heard of a “cash mob”?

It’s a new idea that some chambers of commerce in northwest Iowa are trying. The idea is for a crowd of people show up in a local business and spend some money.

Rock Rapids Chamber Director Angie Jager says they will do their first Cash Mob on Wednesday (October 3).

(She says to meet at 11:45 at the Chamber, located next to Subway — where they’ll draw the name.)

She says people are asked to bring $20 and be ready to spend it at the chosen Rock Rapids business. According to Jager, the idea helps support local businesses and should help build the economy. Not only does the business get a financial shot in the arm from all those twenty dollar bills, but the public will have a chance to find out what kinds of products and services are available at that business even if it’s not one they normally patronize — and perhaps they’ll remember that when they are looking for those products and services again someday.

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