Cedar Cabin To Be Burned Saturday

Cedar CabinAshton, Iowa — A northwest Iowa landmark is scheduled to go up in flames Saturday morning.

The Cedar Cabin Restaurant closed it’s doors in June, 2013, after operating in their Ashton location since 1938.  On December 1, 2014 the Osceola County Secondary Road Department bought the property at auction, with plans to raze the restaurant building and construct a new County Shop.  But about a week later, plans changed again, when someone approached the Osceola County Board of Supervisors indicating an interest in re-opening the restaurant.  At that time, the board decided to finalize the purchase of the Cedar Cabin Property by the Secondary Road Department, but said they would sell it to someone interested in re-starting a restaurant in that location.  Nothing came of that, however, so the county decided to move forward with the new shop.

As a result, Saturday morning, the restaurant building that served steaks, chops, seafood and more to multiple generations of northwest Iowans will be burned to the ground to make way for the new County Shop.

Firefighters from Ashton, Sheldon and Sibley are expected to take part in Saturday morning’s controlled burn as a training exercise to keep their fire fighting skills sharp.

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