Celebrate Christmas With Lights At Village Northwest

Sheldon, Iowa — As the seasons begin to change and the days become shorter, we are reminded that the Christmas holiday season is upon us. One Christmas season tradition has returned to Sheldon, with the lighting Friday evening (November 23rd) of “Celebrate Christmas With Lights”  at Village Northwest Unlimited in Sheldon.

Ryan Haack is the Director of Development at Village Northwest, and he says they are happy and excited to welcome people from around the area to visit the Village and enjoy the lighting displays.

Haack tells us about what we’ll see when taking in the VNU “Celebrate Christmas With Lights” display.

We asked Haack how many man-hours went into putting together a display on the scale of the one the Village erects each year.

The annual Village Northwest “Celebrate Christmas With Lights” display is computer controlled, and Haack says they’re grateful to have people with the expertise to program the computers that allow them to sync the lights and music.

He says Village Northwest Unlimited hopes everyone in northwest Iowa has an opportunity to visit the Village, and enjoy their “Celebrate Christmas With Lights” display. He says the display will be run from dusk until 9:00 pm each evening until January 1st.

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