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Children’s World Announces Capital Campaign

children's worldSheldon, Iowa — The Children’s World daycare in Sheldon has undertaken a large fundraising effort.

The Children’s World Board of Directors of has announced that they have initiated a capital campaign named “Erase The Debt…Embrace Our Future”. Children’s World Board President, Justin Jonas tells us what sparked the idea.

For those who don’t know, Jonas tells us about the structure of Children’s World, and how it differs from some other towns’ day care centers.

He says they have considered just raising the daycare rate, but they don’t think that would work. People may have to pull their children from the program if they did that.

He says the other options, such as this capitol campaign were better for two main reasons.

At this point, they will be contacting individuals and businesses. Later there will be a more general campaign to the public. They may do some fundraisers as well, plus, the Children’s World children will host fundraisers to help contribute as well, says Jonas.

The capital campaign will be a multifaceted campaign seeking three year pledges to accomplish two primary goals. Their two goals are “Erase the Debt” and “Embrace Our Future”. The fundraising goal of the campaign has been set at $500,000.

More from The Children’s World Board Of Directors:

The first goal is to Erase The Debt. Children’s World currently has approximately $247,000 of debt that was incurred during their most recent expansion in 2006. This debt requires annual debt payments of close to $34,000 per year. These payments have proven to be challenging to Children’s World and by eliminating this debt, it would give a significant boost to the financial stability of Children’s World.

The second goal of the campaign is to Embrace Our Future. The board wants to ensure our children can continue to receive daycare services in a safe, quality environment. Children’s World Board President, Justin Jonas, said, “With the original building now being 21 years old and the 1996 addition being 17 years old, repairs and maintenance to these buildings is becoming an issue that needs to be addressed.” Therefore, the second facet of this campaign will be to raise $253,000 to provide for current and future capital expenditures that will need to be made to maintain the building and to be in compliance with current fire code and Department of Human Services requirements. Jonas commented, “by erasing the debt and embracing our future for repairs and maintenance to the building we can place Children’s World on a solid foundation and maintain affordable daycare for the 214 children and 139 families that utilize Children’s World.”

Children’s World has been providing high quality daycare in our community since 1975 and providing a safe, nurturing environment for daycare is a community asset important to working families and employers. However, providing a safe and structured learning environment for children is an expensive endeavor and Children’s World continues to face financial challenges. As a licensed daycare, Children’s World must meet many standards required by the Iowa Department of Human Services and the State Fire Marshal. As a result of the board’s discussions and recent request for assistance from the City of Sheldon, the board and interested members of the community have come together to launch this capital campaign to help provide financial support to Children’s World.

A steering committee of community members has been formed and volunteers have been recruited to begin making calls on prospective donors. The campaign will seek gifts from employers and individuals and be asking for three year pledges. The capital campaign is earmarked to be completed by June 30. Members of the steering committee are: Justin Jonas, Heidi Brown, Denny Michels, Susan Rensink, Michele DeKok, Jan and Keith Rolston, Mark Ellsworth and Barry Whitsell.

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