Children’s World Capital Campaign Surpasses $400,000 Mark and Announces Start of Mailing Campaign

children's worldSheldon, Iowa — The Steering Committee for the Children’s World capital campaign has a big announcement.

We talked with Chairperson of the Steering Committee Barry Whitsell, who announces the news.

He says the effort has received two very significant gifts.

Whitsell thanks all the donors and all the volunteers that have helped them so far.

He says they are now mounting a mail campaign because they want to give everyone a chance to donate toward the cause.

Whitsell says the campaign will wrap up June 30th. He says that the public has really been motivated by this campaign to recognize the value of Children’s World in providing an environment for children in which they receive safe, dependable, nurturing and accountable day care, pre-school and after school programming. People have taken this to heart and said through their gifts that “I want to help Children’s World and I want to help the kids”.

If you want to send in a contribution before you get the letter, or if you don’t live in the area or for some other reason don’t receive a letter, you can still mail donations to Children’s World Capital Campaign, ATTN: Justin Jonas, 1221 E 6th Street, PO Box 235, Sheldon, IA, 51201.

More from the Children’s World Capital Campaign Committee:

The first goal of the campaign is to Erase The Debt. Children’s World currently has approximately $247,000 of debt that was incurred during their most recent expansion in 2006. This debt requires annual debt payments of close to $34,000 per year. These payments have proven to be challenging to Children’s World and by eliminating this debt, it would give a significant boost to the financial stability of Children’s World and stabilize the rates paid by families using Children’s World.

The second goal of the campaign is to Embrace Our Future. The board wants to ensure our children can continue to receive daycare services in a safe, quality environment. The original building is 21 years old and the 1996 addition is 17 years old and maintaining these buildings is an important aspect in the delivery of quality daycare. Therefore, the second facet of this campaign will be to raise $253,000 to provide for current and future capital expenditures that will need to be made to maintain the building and to keep it in compliance with current fire code and Department of Human Services requirements.

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