“Christmas On 10th” Returns To Sheldon

Christmas On 10thSheldon, Iowa — What is fast becoming a Christmas tradition in Sheldon, has come alive once again this holiday season.

“Christmas On 10th” is a large computer-controlled Christmas light display set to music, that is displayed each evening at the home of Randy Harms in Sheldon.  Harms started the gigantic display about 7 years ago, and he says the inspiration for it came from a Christmas lighting display he and his wife witnessed on a trip to South Dakota.

Harms says setting up the lighting display isn’t difficult, but takes a little time.  Programming the computer to synchronize the lights to the Christmas music played, he says, takes quite a bit longer.

Harms says that, out of respect for his neighbors, and their patience, the display doesn’t run late into the evening.

When asked how many individual lights were included in the display, Harms said with a chuckle, “I have no idea.”

The Harms’ took the 2014 holiday season off from putting up their display, but due to requests, brought it back for this year.  When visiting “Christmas On 10th”, please pull completely off to the side of the street, do not block any driveways, and turn your car’s lights off so others can enjoy the show.

The display begins at 5:30 each afternoon at 1019 10th Street in Sheldon.

The video below gives a brief glimpse of this year’s “Christmas On 10th”.

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