City Manager Still Being Considered

Council ChambersSheldon, Iowa — After a closed session Wednesday on the subject of City Manager applicants, the Sheldon City Council took no action in open session. The council has interviewed three finalists for the position, and it appears that all three are still being considered at this time.

This followed another closed session. This one was on a discussion of the Possible Purchase of Property. There was no action taken on this after they went back into open session.

In other business the Council endorsed a proclamation for Disability Employment Awareness Month and addressed an easement proposal from HTC Communications. The easements concern areas beginning near 1820 East 6th Street going south to travel along both the North and East property lines of East Lawn Cemetery. Ruth Kuster, representing HTC told the council that they were having trouble with portions of the old coaxial cable serving some of that area. Rather than replace that old type of cable they plan to install new fiber optic cable. Some of the old cable was installed at a location that was the back end of the lots at that time. Since that time the lot owners added more land to the back of their lots, leaving the original utility easements running right through the middle of their back yards. Because of this they are requesting new easements along the current back property lines. Even though the council appeared to favor this move, they were advised that a public hearing was required before they could take action. This was set for the next council meeting which will be held October 19th at 4:30. Another public hearing has been set for that date. This will involve rezoning the property where the Electronic sign is located in front of the High School along Highway 18.

The Council also approved the sale of the last remaining lot in the Sunshine Addition to Justice For All. This organization plans to build a home on the lot as a fund raiser. This is the last lot offered by the city for only one dollar, with some stipulations. Construction must begin within twelve months of closing date, with completion within 24 months. Failure to meet these requirements would trigger a minimum assessment of two hundred thousand dollars on the property. Closing date on the property was set for January 1, 2017.

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