Combine Drives Up Hood Of Car, Totals Car

Date posted - November 6, 2013

O'Brien Sheriff 71-6O’Brien County, Iowa — A Sheldon teen received minor injuries an accident where a combine drove over his hood on Monday, November 4 in O’Brien County.

The O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office reports that about 5:55 PM, 19-year-old Bradley Zybarth of Sheldon was eastbound on 330th Street in a 1994 Dodge. Sixty-one-year-old Warren Anderson of Spirit Lake was westbound on 330th in a 2013 John Deere combine.

Zybarth approached a bridge as the combine was crossing the bridge headed westbound. He stopped on the south edge of the roadway a safe distance from the bridge to allow the westbound combine room to navigate through the bridge and continue westbound. As the combine continued westbound, the report says Anderson failed to yield half the roadway and collided head on with Zybarth’s car. The left front outside dual wheel of the combine drove up over the hood of the Dodge before coming to a stop.

Zybarth was listed as having minor injuries but was not transported to a medical facility.

Zybarth’s Dodge was totaled, with $2000 damage.

Anderson’s John Deere combine was not damaged.

Anderson was charged with Failure to Yield Half of the Roadway When Meeting a Vehicle.

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24 Responses to “Combine Drives Up Hood Of Car, Totals Car”

  1. yardman says:

    Very good example of a farmer thinking he owns the road. I had a similair experience in the last week. Approaching a birdge I slowed down seeing a combine coming. The combine slowed and pulled over so I thought ok he is letting me by first. As I got close he decided to cross. I had to slam on brakes and get part in ditch to avoid a head on. I should have held my ground and then sued his butt.

    • Aaron says:

      Don’t you understand that this farmer puts food on your table??? You just don’t get it.

      I can’t believe this kid called the police to report that his car had been ridden over by this farmer who sacrifices daily to put food on this kid’s table. What was this kid thinking driving on a gravel road this time of year? The farmer owns to the middle of the road (and the bridge for that matter) and is kind enough to let us use his road – you have to respect that.

      I’m just kidding around. But, when I heard this news story on the radio I couldn’t get here fast enough to post a reply.

      • Amy says:

        that ‘farmer’, aaron didnt put food on MY table, he almost killed My kid. If you would have seen the car and know how close he came to serious injuries, or worse, you would never have joked about anything related to this ‘news story.’ you want to talk about an issue, how about the fact this guy has done this before? or how about the fact he was still driving down the road and wasnt going to stop had it not been for the guy behind him calling him telling him he just hit someone????

  2. Tim says:

    To those who hate the farmer:
    First, I am glad to hear that Mr. Zybarth was not injured. I know, we farmers get a bad name from guys like this. I agree, he should never be allowed to drive a farm machine on the road again. I am not defending him, however, lets remember, if we take away all driving privledges of any one that is at fault in an accident, 50% may never drive again. And yes, there are some very arrogent, inconsiderate, and reckless farmers out there, that just seem to care only about themselves. I just don’t like to be included in that list.

    • Amy says:

      i come from a long line of farmers and farmers in the family, and my ‘someday family’ are farmers! i have not, nor would i ever knock a farmer! its not about being a farmer, its about adhering to the laws of the road, not matter what vehicle you are driving.

      and virgil, your right, fiberglass and aluminum dont mean nothing to me, i am still thanking God that he is still here with us.

  3. virgil says:

    I know Warren quite well and I know he would never do anything intentionally to hurt anyone. It is what it is a accident. Thanks no one got hurt Fiberglas and aluminum are easily replaced

    • Wes says:

      His car is beyond repairable! I have pictures of the accident because Brad is my brother. Everything in/outside of the car is destroyed the passenger door, you couldn’t even have opened it by himself if it was for a farmer right behind him!

    • An Idea says:

      When a truck is going down the road with a prefab home they take up more then half the road way. Its a wide load just like a combine. Yield to them like you are supposed to meaning get off to the shoulder of the road like they do and you will be fine.

    • Mitch says:

      I know warren well too and I’m also a farmer . I have cars trying to run me off the road or try to pass me while I’m turning ,it a never ending battle. All people think is these rich damn farmer ,nobody stops and think how hard we have to work to make a buck. I hate drivin equipment down the road but we have to get from farm to farm . We are on the road for like a month and all people can do is bitch cuz they have to wait on slow equipment !!! Also all this negativity come on people we live in a farming state !!

      • jake says:

        Then buy smaller equipment. Thats part of the problem. This stuff is getting way to big.

      • Wes says:

        Any father over Brad would have been in the ditch. He put it reverse to put himself in the ditch. But it was to late the combine stopped his car from going anywhere. Brad is my brother and when I saw tht car I thought he’s dead. It’s that bad, go look at it!!! When you look at it u think how I that guy alive.!!!!

      • Old wrestler says:

        Work so hard to make a buck, you plan the field in a tractor, you spray the field in a tractor, you harvest the fields in a tractor. You aren’t working in the field in bad weather, you set your own hours, you have crop insurance to cover you incase your yields aren’t high enough. Once the crop is harvested and the snow is on the ground your hard work consist of getting your equipment ready for the next year. You flat out admit your on the road for maybe a month for harvest. And if your going to bitch about how hard the work is find something else to do, it’s your choice to be in this hard working job with no thanks just like it’s my choice to be in my job. Farmers tell everyone how hard they work but go follow one around for a week or so when it’s not harvest or planting season and see how hard they are working.

  4. Biker says:

    There was a thing on here earlier about safety and farmers during harvest. I guess us town folk, hourly workers, time clock punchers need be more watchful. Numerous times on western ave and 16th street farmers with there heads on combine coming down the road…obviously us town folks move over bc common sense tells us for small car or pickup truck to move over cuz where are these machines going to go….therefore to the farmer…yup got them again made them move for me. Sure not all are like this but ……

    • johnboy says:

      Seriously, he didn’t know he ran over someone? When you go over a new tile line in the field you can feel it. Was he planning on leaving the scene of an accident? I am a farmer who also drives large equipment down the road. I know it is a pain, but other people have every right to be on the road. You have to be careful and use some common sense. We all have a job to do, are in a hurry, tired – but how much longer does it take to get from farm to farm and use a little caution…………………….. Thank God the boy wasn’t hurt.

    • Tim says:

      “sure not all are like this but…” you still will include every farmer as a rotten apple in the barrel.

  5. Pooker says:

    johnboy, maybe he (the farmer) didn’t really know if he hit something or not. About 10 years ago, I had a semi pull out in front of me, completely running over my car (with me in it) with his entire set of back tires. Needless to say, my car and myself were a complete wreck; and the only way he knew he had hit something was the fact that he couldn’t get up to speed because he was dragging my car under his back tires. It’s too bad that this had to happen (in both instances) not only were the vehicles ruined, but it can scare the beejeebers out of someone who is involved. Just thank the Good Lord (in both instances) that no one was killed.

    • Concerned says:

      It’s so sad that it has come to this.the most important thing is that everyone is okay !!! Im sure the driver of the combine is pretty shook up too !! It’s not like this happened on purpose , it’s an accident a bad deal for them both thank god they r both alive !!!

  6. Meets says:

    This one hurts. Drives over the car thinking he hit a bump in the road. Well the we work so hard to make a buck? Seriously? I have had a landscaping crew work at my house. Redoing the old into new. All wheelbarrow work as I didn’t want equipment on my yard. 40 ton of rock went out, they weighed each load. 72 ton went back in as I added to landscape. This was a local guy here in town, 3 ppl. Roughly 2.5 days of work, 95 degrees….they didn’t seem to mind, that’s hard work, there buck is a lot less than the farmers buck. Or the roofer that did my roof a year ago. That’s hard work. Now crop farmers to me really not hard physical labor. Livestock guys maybe more labor. Milkers are non stop working. You put the crop farmer in a rmt enviroment, or the landscaper or the roofer, sorry crop farmer you don’t apply to these guys rules. These guys would walk all over you the hard working crop farmer. I attend coffee shops now and then and really younfarmer have it made. I get tired of hearing they have a crop this year but you might just break even. What about GPS you need to turn the wheel on end rows and set and go. Sure it cost money. Again everyone was born into something different but that combine I assume was at least a $500,000 machine or more. Look at sheldon residence in town I would say 96% of ppl live in a house less than the farmers one machine. I realize I’ll get more thumb downs than up but truth can hurt.

    • Tim says:

      This is no longer about an accident that was unfortunate. It could have been avoided , yes, by the farmer.
      However…Now Mr. Meets you are making this a vendeta against farmers. I am 60 years old, I would gladly take your challange to follow you around in your job. I am sure I can still out work you!! I held a full time job at Demco, and still had livestock and my farming, I did it all. Not all of us farmers have the $500,000 machines you talk about, in fact my whole line of machinery is not that much. You refer to all the lazy easy going farmers, and how you a wage earner at RMT are so much more hard working, “These guys would walk all over you the hard working crop farmer.” I am sure they work hard. Any time you want to personaly contact me to schedule a “work off” lets do it. What you really need to do, is start farming so you can enjoy this good life.

  7. Linda says:

    “Judge not lest ye be judged”. It’s hard to believe so many people (who weren’t there) are so quick to condemn & judge others. Where is your empathy & compassion? Yes, it was a terrible accident, but thank God no one was seriously injured. It wasn’t intentional, that’s why it’s called an accident!

  8. Concerned says:

    Yes I agree this has gotten way out of control. The only thing here that is important is that no one got hurt. It was an accident,no one would do this on purpose. Also if u r gunna state facts u should make sure the facts are true !!!!

  9. jeff says:

    Been out of the loop for a long time as I have been gone. Spending the next 4 weeks here though for holiday with family. I couldnt beleive it when I heard it and not just scanning 2 cents here tonight what a deal. First I cant beleive you didnt see a car. Second I cant beleive the young man wasnt hurt – shaken I understand but what a thing to go through. Yes it is great he is doing ok and I am sure the farmer feels bad but accident or not – the farmer seems as if he just drove over the car. Maybe been watching to many monster truck shows!