Comedian With A Cause In Sheldon Thursday

Sheldon, Iowa — A comedian with a cause was in northwest Iowa on Thursday, September 17th.
hashtag RAKE
Ricky Smith is all about random acts of kindness. Through his routine charitable actions, Ricky possesses a sense of randomness. From giving random umbrellas on a rainy day to offering prime time sporting tickets to absolute strangers, Smith says he wants to create experiences for people while giving back. In fact his acts have inspired others to do similar things for others — and that’s just what Smith wants.

Smith started his day at KIWA on the morning show with Wayne and Aaron. He told them about his movement called Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere, or #RAKE.

Speaking of college, that’s where Smith was headed next — to Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon, to give a motivational speech to the faculty.

He tells us how his #RAKE movement got started.

Smith is also a television writer, but the message he wanted to leave with northwest Iowans is to do something kind for someone else.

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